Best Practices For PPC Landing Pages That Everyone Should Know

Best Practices for PPC Landing Pages ,adwords landing page best practices

What Is Landing Page Optimization? – Landing Page Meaning

A landing page is a page on your website where you wish to get maximum visitors via PPC. This page contains all the necessary details related to your products and services that you want your visitors to know about. A landing page is considered to be the page where the conversion takes place.

This page designed to get most visitors and has all the important information related to your products and services. This is why all the PPC and Adwords are used to direct customers to this place.

Compare PPC Landing Page & Website Landing Page?

There is no such difference between the two. PPC Landing Page and Website Landing Page are different names for the same page.

However, you start by designing the Website Landing Page. And when you run PPC and Adwords using it, the page becomes PPC Landing Page or Adwords Landing Page.

Which Is Best Practice For Optimizing Landing Page For Adwords?

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Designing and optimizing a landing page can be tricky for most of us. You need to work on each and every ground to make a perfect landing page. There is no 100% efficient landing page, however, you can always try to improve the one that you have.

There is no doubt that Google is the most used search engine. This means if you use Google to run advertisements then it can surely get most visitors to your landing page.

Here are some tips from Practices for PPC Landing Pages to optimize the landing page for Google Adwords:

Analyze What Is Currently In Trend

It is important to go with the flow. This means when designing Landing Page for Adwords, you should know about the current trend. Use data by Google Analytics to check the performance of your business.

And also look at the performance of the currently running Adwords on your keyword. Along with that, put a special attention to the design of the landing page. Finally, collect as much information related to the landing page for Adwords as you can.

Make Landing Page Fast And Mobile Friendly

Users love fast and mobile-friendly websites. Also, most people use mobile phones for daily searched. This is the reason, you need to make landing page device responsive for smartphones of different sizes.

Also, if the load time of your website is more than a few seconds then you can lose visitors easily. According to best practices for PPC Landing pages, your page shouldn’t take more than 3 seconds for Mobile devices and 5 seconds for PCs to open up. Anything more than that can hurt business very badly.

Check Landing Pages Of Your Competitions

When it comes to landing page optimization, you need to keep checking your competition and their performance. When you measure the performance of your competition, you also learn bits of their strategies. If you find them compelling enough, you can use them for yourself. Or upgrade them for good.

Provide Sufficient Details And Use Bold Headline

Never overstuff your landing page with excessive details. Only put relevant and important information on it. Furthermore, put all the conversion and lead generation related information within one scroll of the page.

In order to make your deal clear to the user, use bold and clear headlines. However, do not make landing page stuffed with content that requires too much reading.

Use Attractive And Clear Designs

You need to make your landing page visually beautiful as well. Best Practices for PPC Landing Pages includes usage of attractive designs. You can design and re-design the page to create a perfect design for the visitors to see.

Also, make sure you use the page of the right length, neither too long nor too short. Furthermore, make your page to-the-point and also keeping the focus on landing page design and landing page templates

Common Landing Page Mistakes To Avoid

Now that you know about the Best Practices for PPC Landing Pages, let’s discuss some of the mistakes that people make while designing a landing page for PPC:

  • Loading the page with animation which makes it slow for the visitors.
  • Never run the test for the landing page before publishing it. And Analyze the performance of the previous PPC landing page.
  • The design is not optimal and mobile friendly. As you know the size of the mobile’s phone is small whereas the PC screen is huge comparatively. You need to design the page keeping both screen size in mind.
  • Unrealistic advertisement for the product. This kills the conversion like nothing else.
  • Use of irrelevant image and graphics for the landing page.
  • The landing page is not goal oriented or focused on the goal of your PPC advertisement.

Avoid making these mistakes for your PPC Landing Page.


Best Practices for PPC Landing Pages can help you create a good landing page. However, it is your Analyzing skills that make the difference and help you stand out.

Other than that, you need to keep the focus on your goal while running the PPC campaign. If you have any of such tips then feel free to share with us.