10 Blog Strategy 2019 That Works For All Niche

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Blogging is Art that has the power to create money and generate revenue as well.

There is a reason that most fancied content on the internet is the Blog. This means that people on the internet are more invested in blogs than any other content on the internet.

Blogs are an easy method to inform, share, advertise, review, and increase reputation. If you use the Blog wisely, you can also see a significant increase in ROI.

Keeping that in mind, we have created 10 Blog Strategy 2019 that works for all niche. For instance, if you have an e-commerce business then this blog strategy 2019 will help you increase awareness and conversion.

Let’s get started:

1. Start By Plotting The Goals

blogging goals for 2019

When you think to get started with blogging, you need to have everything planned. Start with these questions:

  • Why do you want to start blogging?
  • How are you going to monetize it?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have a brand already?
  • What are your niche and audience?

Once you have answers to these questions, you can get started with it. Keep one thing in mind that the market is full of competition. You need to create your goal, keeping this thing in mind too.

Pro Tip – Write in advance. So that when you get busy, you will still have content to upload on your platform.

2. Market Research Is Required

marketing research blogs

Once you are all set with the website, you need to get started with market research. This should include the checking your competitor’s performance and understanding their strategies.

Next, you need to study your audience and the kind of content they are involved in.

The blogging market is continuously involving and the same is going to be noticed in the coming years. Only who keep up with market research will successfully able to create and execute blog strategy 2019.

  • Evaluate your niche and its competition
  • Analyze the competitors and their performance
  • Work on your own strategies and implement them
  • Keep the market research on to never miss a chance.

3. Collect Idea, Keywords, and Targets

keyword target for blogs

Everything starts with an idea. However, you also required to continuously work with that idea.

When it comes to blogging, you need unique, well-written content. However, along with that, you also need to work on Keyword strategy.

Search engine ranking and organic traffic are directly influenced by the Keywork and its use.

Depending on your niche and genre, you can look for the latest trends and work accordingly to get the desired result.

4. Create A Blogging Calendar

calendar blogging

With blogging, you need to be punctual, frequent, and patient. And to receive the required outcome, you need to create a blogging calendar.

Basically, you need to plan out everything, starting with the time of the day that you are going to use writing. Also, the day(s) of the week that you are going to upload the content.

Moreover, keep in mind that the result will take time to reflect and you need to be patient with that.

  • If you are just starting then one blog a day can work for you.
  • Else, you can try 2 blogs a week strategy.
  • Furthermore, improvise as per your needs.

5. Start Writing and Re-Writing

writing is rewriting

If you are ready for blogging, start writing immediately. Writing takes time, the earlier you start, the better results will reflect.

Also, in order to make your piece of content better, you need to read and rewrite it. This will surely improve it in terms of quality.

Re-writing helps with the tone of the blog. Also, you can work on language and understandability of the blog as well.

6. Put Time On Each Blog

spend time on blog

Before posting or publishing the blog, you need to check all the aspects of the blog.

Start by following this list:

    • Read the blog at least 3 times before publishing it.
    • Make sure the blog is readable with no bulky paragraphs to bore the reader.
    • Use appropriate keywords and place them in a blog as per requirement. (Do not stuff your blog with excessive use of keyword)
    • This is the time when you can implement your On-Page SEO skills to target the search engines.
    • Finally, when you publish the blog, check how does it finally look and make improvements if required.

Pro tipCheck performance of each article to understand the kind of content and writing liked by your users and work on it.

7. Create Short Term Goals & Long Term Goals

short term and long term

You need to have short term and long term goal for the blogs that you are running.

For example, if you have a cooking and recipe related blog then your short-term plan can be putting new recipe every week and adding 100 new followers each month. And long-term plan can include launching your brand on different platforms until you reach a stable follower number.

Furthermore, you can improvise them depending on your requirement and innovate with them depending on your requirements.

8. Advertisement and Promotion

advertising promotion

After publishing the blog, you need to keep up with the advertisement as well. There is a possibility that a potential user may not be informed regarding your blog if you are not making efforts to take it to them.

Advertisement and promotion are required for both small and big business to keep up in the market.

For example – Amazon, it is a well-established business. However, you will see their advertisements running all over the internet.

If Amazon requires advertisement then your blog too.

There are various methods to advertise, you can go for a paid method or try free methods. Furthermore, social media account play an important role too to advertise your product. Finally, never forget about the SEO and Search Engines.

9. Landing Page Clicks

landing page for blogs

When it comes to business online, the landing page is everything.

A landing page is a part of a website where you want most of the traffic.

For instance, if your blogs motive is to sell a certain product online then you need a huge traffic on the product’s description page.

The landing page helps in conversion and help generate revenue.

Also, if you are a blogger then you need people to follow you by submitting the email address to you. Using which you can send them direct links to read your latest blogs.

10. Sales and Conversion

converstion rate for blogs

Finally, in order to earn using the blog, you need to simultaneously work on the conversion.

A blogger needs visitors and followers. However, if your blogs are also associated with a product or brand. Then you need to redirect your traffic their as well.

Furthermore, if your blogs result in sales then you need to keep a record of the sales. For that, you can use tools and CRM for the same.

And work on the results to analyze how to increase sales and conversion.


We can say the trend of blogging is never going out. And Blog strategy 2019 will be no different. Blogging is required for all kinds of business, brand, and product. If your product is on the internet then blogging can make a huge difference.

These Blog strategy 2019 will surely help you achieve your goals and help you with successful marketing as well.

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