Create WordPress Website In 4 Steps Without Any Technical Skills

Create WordPress Website

With the revolution in the website builder platforms, designing and launching websites has become easy, less time consuming, and manageable for everyone.

There are a number of website builders and website building platforms around the market.

Wix, SiteBuilder, WordPress are some of the popular examples.

In the last few years, more have joined the league of the content management systems (CMS). However, WordPress has seen to be the most popular one.

The difference is quite amazing.

  • 31% of websites on the internet are managed using WordPress.
  • When it comes to website builders, 53% people choose WordPress over any other CMS.

These numbers are enough to show that people are more into WordPress. And it is easy to use too.

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress is a free Content Management System based on PHP and MySQL. It allows the user to create and manage websites that can be used for various purpose. From e-commerce to Blogging website, you can create anything using WordPress.

Here are some interesting factors that can help you choose WordPress:

  • Ideal for any type of websites – Personal, Photo Sharing, Blogging, Informational, E-Commerce, and more.
  • Anyone can use it with or without technical knowledge.
  • Easy to update and manage
  • A massive number of Theme and Plugins to choose from
  • Many important plugins are available for free

The best thing about WordPress is its user-friendly and pocket-friendly.

Create WordPress Website Without Any Technical Skills

Think website as a house. When thinking of getting a new house, you start like this:

  • Look for available housings ideal for your use. Similarly, you look for available domains.
  • Then you purchase the specific area/house that you like. Exactly like getting hosting for the website.
  • Then enter your new house using a door. WordPress helps you access the website and check it.
  • This house is empty, you need to design it. To design your website you use theme and plugins on WordPress.

Now that you are ready to go with WordPress, here are some easy steps that you can try to Create WordPress Website without any Technical Skills.

Step 1 – Get Domain – Your Website’s Name

  • You need to start by purchasing a domain ideal for your work.
  • For that, you need to look at whether the domain is available or not.
  • Choose “.com” extension. It is easy to remember.
  • Your domain name should easy to write and spell.
  • Never use more than 20 characters for the domain name
  • Try to add a keyword in the domain. It is not necessary but recommended for businesses.

If the required domain is not available then you can choose from similar options. Or you can also think of something new for the domain name.

This is the first step, let’s move further to create WordPress website.

Step 2 – Get Hosting – Your Website’s Home

Next, you need to get hosting for your website. Hosting basically offers server space for your website, so that your website is viewed on the internet.

  • A website without hosting will not be visible on the internet.
  • Many hosting providers offer domain name for free for one year.
  • When choosing your host, do look for customer support service.
  • Do not forget to verify your hosting service by providing your email address.
  • Finally, you can also ask for add-on services like website backup. Review them before purchasing.

There are many hosting providers who offer WordPress hosting for the user which make things easy. You can try one of these if you want. Now, you have a hosting too, go to the next steps to create WordPress website.

Step 3 – Get WordPress – Access Your Website

Now you can create WordPress website, for that, follow these steps:

  • Install WordPress on your device by visiting the official website.
  • After you have installed WordPress, you can log in using the email address and password you generated to purchase hosting and domain.
  • Once you are in your WordPress website, you will be immediately asked to choose a theme.
  • You can get either a paid or a free theme for the website.
  • Then you will be directed to the dashboard of WordPress website.

Here you can see the given setting and options to customize the website as per your requirement.

Step 4 – Customization – Design Your Website

The designing part of your website depends on various factors. Such as the type of website that you are owning. What kinds of features do you wish to avail on your website? And more.

After you have these answers, you can go for:

  • Plugins – Get a number of plugins for your website depending on your requirements.
  • Add Google Analytics to check your website performance.
  • Add content on your website, create a different page and align them on your WordPress website.
  • Create and publish post or blogs to involve and engage visitors.
  • Finally, work on SEO and Analyse result for better usage.


This quick guide to create WordPress website can work for all kind of website type. Furthermore, WordPress can help you with many things designing and managing the website at any point of time, from anywhere.

If we have missed something, feel free to contact and let us know.

Tell us if you want to know about essential tools for the WordPress website or want a “How to use WordPress?” guide.