Make Money On YouTube Using Digital Marketing in 5 Steps

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As you know that YouTube is a free platform offering high-quality video for everyone to see. You can have all kind of entertaining, educational, and informative videos using this platform. With the increase in a number of internet users, people are admiring the instant video sharing platform such as YouTube.

You can think that everyone is uploading video over the YouTube, do I have any chance to earn money using YouTube as a platform. Well, good content is always appreciated. Also, as you know the internet and smartphone users are rising exponentially and internet is also available at reasonable rates. This means internet users are jumping on YouTube in order to get their piece of entertainment. So, Yes, you definitely have a chance to make money on YouTube.

However, you can take help from digital marketing tactic named “Video Marketing” to get discovered on YouTube as well. Here are some tips that you should know if you are thinking to make money on YouTube using digital marketing;

1. Start By Creating A YouTube Channel

You need an identity to which your uploaded video will be associated with, this is done by creating a channel on YouTube. This is a free process, even entire YouTube is free to use, along with all the services.

Here are the steps to create a YouTube channel.

  • You need to have a google account to start with.
  • Go to YouTube and log in using the google account.
  • Go my channel and click on create a channel.
  • Enter the personal information as per the requirements of the YouTube channel.

Now you have a YouTube channel, ready to upload video and make money.

2. Discover Yourself – Find Your Niche

The step next is to choose the kinds of content you wish to upload. Exactly like digital marketing, you need to create content as per your niche and target audience accordingly.

Now when it comes to YouTube, you can upload any kind of video that you want. There are YouTube channels running successful web series on YouTube and have a nice viewership.

Now choosing your niche depend on various factors:

  • Your interest, hobbies, and talent. For example, you are good at cooking and it is one of your hobbies. Then you create videos while cooking various food items and upload them. Similarly, if you are a fitness enthusiast then you can use YouTube as a medium to share fitness facts and exercise-related details on your channel.
  • What is trending on YouTube? You need to know whether the content you are preparing is good enough to get viewers or not. There are a number of different genres and you need to choose the one that works for the YouTube audience as well.

Once you have discovered your niche, get ready to create some strategies.

3. Build Strategy

You know what, one of the most searched videos on YouTube is “How to make money on YouTube?” and similar videos. This means people want to know about the idea or the strategy that works for them magically and get them a load of subscriber and viewers.

But things are not as easy as it may sound, the YouTube strategy needs a lot of research and analyzation.

  • You need to be persistent with the videos. Your fan base and subscribers will go down if you do not put videos periodically.
  • Unique content and original ideas go viral. If you have such content then mesmerized people.
  • Use social media platforms for advertisements such as Facebook where you can put YouTube link to people watch it directly. And a number of other social applications can help you promote in a very efficient manner.
  • Wisely use keywords that can work for you. Think like your audience.
  • Entertainment and information are two key aspects of designing a watchable video. Make sure the content quality is also good for all kinds of users on YouTube.

4. It Is Time To Use Google AdSense

Now you have a good going YouTube channel with follower and subscriber base, it is time to earn some money. For that, you can simply run advertisements on your YouTube videos.

You must have seen many videos on YouTube where the video starts after the advertisement.

Also, you have also seen ads between and at the end of the video as well. These are basically managed by Google AdSense and comes under their program. But the question is “How to Sign Up for the YouTube Advertisements?”.

Follow these steps to sign up for the same:

  • Go your channel and choose to “Manage Video” option.
  • From the submenu, choose Channel and you will be presented with many other details.
  • Now click on enable button next to the monetization to sign up for Google AdSense services on your videos.
  • Furthermore, you can edit services using the various options available on your screen.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the program.
  • Choose the method using which you would like to get paid.
  • Complete other on-screen steps and you have finally signed up for the AdSense services.
  • Now you have sent your application for approval. If Google AdSense find it worthy, you get to display advertisements on your YouTube videos.

You will get the reply in a few days and also get the email regarding the same as well.

5. Finally, Monetize Your Videos

Make Money On YouTube, how to make money on youtube, how to earn money from youtube without adsense ,

If the Google AdSense approves your request, you will start getting money as per the terms of the Google.

However, there is another method to Make Money On YouTube Using Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, to be precise. If you have a good number of subscribers then you can simply promote other businesses and their products.

This is a great method to make money and currently being used by many YouTubers.

Also, you can try the combination of two to get the best results in order to Make Money On YouTube Using Digital Marketing.

Final Words

When you search for methods to make money online, YouTube will always make on the list. This is because of the popularity of YouTube.

Create a channel, start posting videos and Make Money On YouTube Using Digital Marketing. All you need is the idea, fresh and original content combined with the persistent approach. And you will see yourself standing with many successful YouTubers.

In case we have missed something, feel free to let us know.