5 Things to Consider While Creating Mobile Marketing Strategy!

The evolution in the smart device especially the smartphones has changed the world. The vision for the internet, gadgets, and technology has been changed by it. Everything you want & need is accessible to you on a device that comfortably sits on your palm. Learn Mobile marketing today at bisdm.

Take these number in the account to know the difference:

  • In the last few years, mobile users have increased than desktop users.
  • Also, 80% of internet users are using smartphones around the globe.
  • 70% people use smartphones to check websites and internet surfing.

And we expect that this trend will continue. This is the fact that mobile marketing and mobile advertising is currently in the trend.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing, SMS marketing

Mobile Marketing is a promotional method used to advertise and sell your product using mobile phones. It can be done using the SMS, MMS, social media, mobile application, and websites as well.

Due to the increased engagement of the user with their smartphones, the Mobile Marketing strategy method has become important for Digital Marketing. Although, mobile phones are always being used for advertisement purpose by sending the promotional texts to the existing customers.

However, now it has evolved in a way that a marketer has a hundred more methods for Mobile Marketing rather than just sending the texts.

1. How To Do Mobile Marketing?

How to do Mobile marketing

Create Mobile Friendly Website

  • Even if you have a website for the desktop use, you need to work on the mobile website as well.
  • This can be done by creating new mobile-friendly websites or optimizing the existing one.
  • WordPress offers many themes that are mobile friendly as well.
  • Finally, you need to update it with mobile-friendly content too.

Target Location Based Audience

  • Mobile Marketing for both online business and brick-and-mortar business.
  • In both the cases, you need to target depending on their geographical location and interests.
  • For that, you can use social media and application that access location on your device.

Improve Yourself

  • Based on your performance, you need to keep reviewing your performance.
  • Track interaction of visitors and work on it if the response is not that good.
  • Furthermore, do not forget to add a personal touch to it.

Run Mobile Ad Campaign

  • All the applications installed on your smartphones are loaded with advertisements.
  • This can help you get the attention of the users as required.
  • There are different plans available to get Mobile Ad Service, you can look it up.

Do Not Forget To Try SMS Marketing

  • It is a great method to update the customer with your new services.
  • SMS Marketing offers a personal touch as you closely know the customer already.
  • If you are a new business then SMS Marketing can help spread awareness too.

2. What Are Types Of Mobile Marketing?

types of mobile marketing

Marketing using a mobile device has proven to deliver better results because the receiver has the access to the received advertisements. Also, it is short and to-the-point without unnecessary details.

Here are different types of mobile marketing methods that one can try.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing technology is as old as mobile devices. However, there are many reports that show the abuse of this method. This directly means that SMS Marketing is very successful when it comes to delivering results.

You just need to write a short yet detailed text related to your product, service, or new launch. Send the text to the customer or targeted audience. Also, it is a low-cost method that works effectively.

MMS Marketing

In the case of MMS Marketing, multimedia messages such as image, audio, and videos are sent instead of texts. Same as the TV Advertisements that we see.

However, the cost of sending MMS is more than the SMS. Another downside of sending MMS is most receivers do not even check the promotional MMS.

Bluetooth Mobile Marketing

Bluetooth Marketing helps when you are targetting people from a specific geographical location. It works on the basis of geographical location by sending only relevant SMS and MMS to the audience.

For example, if you have launched a new flower shop then you can use the Bluetooth Marketing to tell nearby people about your new venture. And this is why Bluetooth marketing is effective.

Mobile Application Marketing

Using a mobile application and getting various advertisements from all around has become normal. Many mobile applications including the social media apps and other utility apps display advertisements in form of image, audio, and video.

Also, these applications work greatly in collecting data from the users to show them only relevant post to avoid causing spam.

Mobile Internet Marketing

It works the same for mobile device and desktops, the idea is to display relevant advertisements to your users. You have seen such advertisements in form of pop-up and image around your web content.

In order to use these services, you need to register yourself for Advertisements along with designing the campaign for your ad.

3. Mobile Marketing Technique?

The expansion of the mobile market has lead to the evolution of some really great mobile marketing techniques.

Here is a list of techniques that one can try to get better results with the Mobile Marketing:

  • Short & To-The-Point – Mobile device has comparatively small screen size, you need to create advertisements that require less space and are well-understood at the same time. Do not crowd it with lots of words that require scrolling and zooming to check the advertisements.
  • Keep Your Audience In Mind – There are different kinds of mobile users. You do not want to show a cooking channel to a gamer. It may not be relevant to a gamer. For such matters, you need to target your audience efficiently.
  • Target Locally – The Mobile Marketing works great for the local business. It has a personal touch that can attract the user to try your product and service.

4. How To Increase User Engagement With Mobile Marketing?

increase user engagement with mobile marketing

The mobile marketing methods are no good if you are getting no engagements and conversion. You can prioritize to increase user engagement with mobile marketing.

Here are some tips that work effectively for mobile market:

Offer Incentive

One of the popular methods to engage the customer is by providing rewards. It is not necessary to offer money, but you can offer other services related to your product.

For example, a discount, if you ask your friend to install this application too.

This and many similar methods to raise engagement of the users have been in use for a long time now.

It works effectively each time and it is high time that you try it too as your email marketing.

Reviews & Feedback

Asking your customers or user to review your service can work great for a business. A customer may not openly express the thoughts on the face. But using a smartphone to review the services can help you get the real matter out.

Using the reviews you can work on making service better. Whereas the positive reviews will help you with online reputation management.

Try Recommendation

Let’s understand it with an example:

A customer is using a video streaming application to watch movies and shows online. You as a service provider has the idea about what kind of genre is most praised by the customer, say it is drama.

If you have any series or movie related to the drama genre then you can simply recommend it to customer. In case the customer clicks on the recommendation and watches the show then you get the engagement that you were looking for.

Taking this example in consideration, you can try customer’s previous engagement to offer them similar content or services.

Push Notification

The smartphone thrives on the push notification. The popup appears when a new text appears on your Whatsapp is the push notification.

The concept is to inform the user about the new update, it can be related to the new text, reminder, or a sale update.

You can use this feature to highlight the best services provided by you to ask for user engagement. But be aware that excess of unnecessary notification can cause more damage than good.

5. Why Mobile Marketing Is Important For Today’s World?

Ask yourself, How many hours do you use your phone? Can you live without your phone?

Well, the answer to these question will make you realize the importance of smartphone in our lives. As this device is important and one of daily need, It won’t be wrong to consider it as one of the important platforms for digital marketing.

Here are the reasons that make the Mobile Marketing important for today’s world:

  • Number of hours spent using smartphones or mobile phones
  • Customer or user remain in power as the services can be stopped anytime a user wants
  • The sudden boom in the Mobile Commerce market
  • Mobile texts are more quick to reach and responded to than emails
  • The personal effect when using the Mobile Marketing Strategies
  • Privacy and Security factor with Mobile Marketing

Hopefully, you have enjoyed these 5 things you need to consider while creating a mobile marketing strategy. Contact us in case we have missed something.

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