Twitter Tools – 8 To use in 2019 to Expand your Business

Every Year new tools for twitter pops up and many die off, likewise, this year also few tools of Twitter have come to market and are helping businesses to use Twitter to expand and grow business.

Twitter Tools


TweetAdder helps you to add followers on Twitter quickly. With the help of this App, you may add more than 100 like-minded daily on Twitter. It accredits you to build followers on your Twitter, send thank-yous and replies.

Rite Tag- twitter Tools

Rite Tag is a part if RiteKit family, this app was designed for the lovers of the hashtag. if you’re searching for the best hashtag for you tweet that you are about to tweet. Then Rite Tag will help you to do that. Rite Tag will suggest you most hashtags that are most engaging based on your text or photo you use. Let’s take an example to understand it. Suppose you are going to tweet on Marketing, Rite Tag will show you useful, trending and engaging tags to you.

Social Rank

SocialRank initially was a tool of audience segmentation and later on expanded into market research and content analysis. By connecting to your Twitter account, SocialRank looks deep into your account and behavior. This app provides options to filter your audience by using filters such as Most Engaged or Most Valuable audience. It also provides other option to narrow them down by using bio keywords or location. These results of the search can be exported or saved to your Twitter List.

The segmentation tool of Social Rank is a Twitter Tool that is useful for a deep understanding of your audience on a granulated level and sorting them into advertising audiences that are useful for you.


The free version of the App i.e. Trendsmap gives you what’s trending as well as a 7-day history of trends of Twitter. These include all hashtags, topics, and users. This app adjusts the trends if you move to any other country or zoom into a specific city. By clicking on a topic that is trending, you will get the graphical presentation of the performance of the past 7 days.


buzzSumo offer you a variety of services that you can pair with your platforms of social media management. Some of their tools are free with the limitation on the number of searches that you can perform in a day. Do you want to know which post of your competitor’s blog is getting high five then you can simply put the URL in the content analyzer? If you want to do a keyword search


Tweriod is another free tool that helps in analyzing up to 1,000 Twitter followers. The report created includes the details of your tweets as well as your follower’s tweets to know the best time for tweeting. There could be several probabilities, and one of them would be your audience may be more engaged on weekends than another account’s audience.

Daily 140

Daily 140 quotes itself as an email that is sent about the activity of accounts you track. The tool lets you know who these accounts follow and what are their favorites are. These things can automatically be generated into the email for you. You can use the tool to know what influencers are paying attention and also which celebrity is following whom. The emails can be found in text format and the automation system of the tool is also easy to understand.


Tweetdeck is quite similar to Hootsuite, and is a dashboard management tool which allows users to manage their Twitter and other social media accounts easily. It’s not the third-party tool, rather than the application owned by Twitter. Tweetdeck is able to organize your Twitter audience into groups and thus it gets easier to make customized marketing communication.