Ultimate Guide For Video Marketing Strategy 2019

video marketing

Video contents are a great method to increase brand awareness of your product and service. If you look carefully, each and every company are trying their best to use Video Marketing. However, most of them are unable to produce the desired results from their efforts.

This can be due to lack of a Video Marketing Strategy. In this era of the internet, you don’t just need to run video advertisements on Television, you need to look for opportunities provided by various Social Media Platforms along with many similar opportunities.

Here is an Ultimate Guide for Video Marketing Strategy 2019 that will work just fine users looking to create a business using Video Content.

What Is Video Content Marketing?

Videos are simple and easy methods to distribute your content. And using video content to attract customers by creating product relevant matter is called video content marketing.

For example, simply take content marketing into account where we use relevant content in form of writing, image, video to increase brand awareness. Similarly, Definition of Video Marketing can be, the use of Videos to advertise the product or brand or company.

Benefits Of Video Content Marketing

Now that you know the Definition of Video Marketing, let’s discuss some benefits and why it is a good idea to use Video Marketing. There are a number of Benefits of Video Marketing which varies from business to business also depending on their type. However, here are some brief Benefits of Video Marketing that can help you choose it as an option:

  • Many customers prefer watching videos over reading.
  • Search Engines prefer to show video, it helps with SEO.
  • Video content is easy to remember for users than any other format(audio, image, and writing)
  • A visitor is most likely to see the video on your website than reading the content on your website.
  • It is easy to share videos over different platforms and users are most likely to watch them.
  • All these directly results in a boost in conversion and sale.
  • Also, the customer is more likely to trust if presented with video content.
  • As video content builds trust and credibility which also lead to greater engagement.

Top Platforms To Create Video Content

There are various tools available in the market that can help a user to create advanced level videos without any extra efforts. For that, we have shortlisted move tools that can help you create Video Content and successfully apply video marketing strategy.


  • Use photo, text, music, and video to turn them into a professional video.
  • Available for both Android and iOS along with desktop version. And you can also get 2 weeks free trial.
  • There are plenty of options for customization. You can export and share the videos easily.


  • Simplest tool for beginner to create professional videos.
  • Offers a collection of pre-made video templates for ease of the user
  • The free version lets you publish your finished video to Facebook, Twitter and embed it on your website or blog.


  • A very good application to create animated and cartoon videos.
  • Create engaging video content for promotional and marketing purpose.
  • Drag and drop any image, photo, & icon to animate according to your will.


  • Enabled with features and video templates, drag & drop, and other required editing options.
  • Easily create animation using the Wideo application for all kinds of use.
  • Create video and share them directly to the social accounts.


  • Animaker is a popular application to make animated videos.
  • It has high-end graphics and the software is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • Make videos of different style such as 2d, infographics, handcraft, whiteboard, typography, and more.

These were some of the popular tools for video content creation. However, you can try other tools depending on your requirements. Try to implement your best Video Marketing Strategy while making videos using a content making tool.

A Pocket Guide For Video Content Marketing

YouTube and Facebook are two prime platforms to surf video content. Other than that, many other social media platforms are also flourishing with Video as content. Also, due to this fact, the demand for a good Video Marketing Strategy is also increasing.

Here are some tips to create your own Video Marketing Strategy that works firn for your business type:

  • Always work around your goal. This means no matter what you are creating, make sure it is relevant to your business and product.
  • What is your goal for creating the video? It is for brand awareness? Do you want to launch a new product? Is there some kind of offer/discount provided by you?
  • Where are you going to publish this video? There is no shortage for video platform(Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, website). However, one can work fine while others may bring no result, choose wisely.
  • What is your budget? You need to create something that generates revenue, however, fits on your budget too.
  • Finally, what kind of video are you uploading? The Internet is full of a variety of videos to choose from. We have mentioned some common types of videos that you can look below.

Creating a relevant yet impactful video can be a challenge for start. With constant practice and evaluation, you can simply get the desired results.

Types of Video Marketing

Video Marketing has divided into different types and you can try the one that you like the most. Here is some type that can help you choose the one that you wish to try:


Everyone is familiar with the animated video types. These have fictional animated characters and backgrounds. It brings a feel-good effect and you can create anything easily without leaving your workplace.

The animated videos can be used for any kind of business and use. However, animated video is best to explain stuff as you can easily use an animated video to explain big bang theory to a young student.

Product Review

Say, you want to purchase a new smartphone, in such a case you will immediately go to the search engine and look for a review of the device that you want to buy.

If you are suggested any video, you will click on it and watch rather than reading a 1000 words articles containing pros and cons of the product.

When watching a product review from a person, you get a sense of trust. Also, you also get to see the device and person using it which helps you choose the desired smartphone.

This works with all kinds of device, product, business, and brands. People want to know about other people’s experience before purchasing that product for ownself.


Interviews are also one of the popular video content which can be used for promotional purpose. With interviews, you do not need to create a huge amount of content before actually starting it. However, if you are creating a script for the interview then make sure it seems unscripted.

Interviews can be informational, humor, and increase engagement. You can simply invite a guest with some good number of followers who can also help with brand awareness.


How to do’s. Do it yourself, and tutorial videos are quite popular on different video sharing platforms.

Tech companies can create their device’s tutorial videos to help their users to avoid any issue with the product.

Similarly, you can create a series of tutorial video related to one or different niche to create awareness for another brand and generate affiliates.


Using the internet, you can also create a seminar and conduct presentations as well. The seminars shared over the internet is called webinars.

Think of webinars as free live events that offer helpful, valuable insights to attendees. And the same goes with showing presentations using video format.

For example, TedTalks, where various influencers come with their presentations and put in front of million viewers.


Vlog or Video Blogs have become quite common. There are a great number bloggers putting their blogs on the internet for users to read, some blogs get views are while others do not get a response.

However, in the case of the vlog, it is easy to compel the viewer to check your video. Creating weekly or monthly vlogs on various topics could get you a loyal audience and followers, eager to tune in for the next installment.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is like vlog where you put the live video of your life or a particular activity. If you have a good number of visitors and followers then live streaming can help increase awareness and authenticity.

Also, live streaming allows real-time interactions which can also get replies from the broadcaster. Furthermore, live streaming can make a viewer feel a part of that event.

Best Practice For Video Marketing Strategy

Keep everything as simple as possible. The reason a viewer is watching your video is they want some easy and understandable answers for their query. Other than that, do not forget to add a personal touch to your videos.

Video content marketing is definitely the future of digital marketing. You should get on board and start trying it for your business.

Finally, we recommend you to plan your Video Marketing Strategy and execute it. Then analyze results, make improvements and take your business to next level.