How CouponDunia started in 2010 became leader in the Couponic industry?

About CouponDunia

CouponDunia is a revolutionary name in the domain of India’s couponic websites. This industry-leading website enhances the online shopping and coupon code experience for users. It provides them with an impactful tools and coupon code to save money through an extensive range of coupons, offers, deals and discounts. Their deals and coupons with coupon code are available for an amazingly versatile list of categories. Besides the immensely popular website, CouponDunia also has a fully-functional mobile application for users. Besides providing incredible offers and coupons, it sends live deals and discounts to customers whenever they are near an offline store. 

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Since its inception, it has rapidly evolved as a leading one-stop destination for amazing deals, discounts, offers and coupons with coupon code. In fact, it is accredited as India’s largest discount and offer destination. It lists coupons from 2000+ online brands and around 5,000 restaurants. For instance, Flipkart, Amazon, MakeMyTrip, PayTM, BookMyShow, etc. Its partnership with 5,000 restaurants, 12000 retail outlets and 2000 online stores clearly indicates its popularity among shoppers and sellers. 

CouponDunia enlists an extensive range of coupons, offers, deals and discounts with coupon code from leading brands and stores to assist customers in saving money. Besides, it also offers reliable cashback and offline discount coupons. Moreover, it provides customers with powerful product comparison tools to help them with shopping choices. In short, it acts as a bridge to connect online shoppers and e-commerce merchants.

  • Incorporated:  2010
  • Founder:  Sameer Parwani
  • Website:
  • Headquarters:  Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Tech Office:   Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Operating in Seven Cities: Ahmedabad, Delhi-NCR, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai.
  • Monthly Online Traffic: 5.2 million
  • Email Subscribers: 7.5 million
  • App Downloads: 2 million
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 7.7 million
  • Facebook Community Members:  5.6 million
  • Market Value (GMV)(Annual):  $166 million
  • Revenue: 14.9M
  • Employees: 77
  • Coupons redeemed per month: 15 Lacs
  • Contributes to Indian e-commerce merchant’s GMV: 2%

Humble Beginnings

Incorporated in 2010, CouponDunia is based in Mumbai, India and operates as a subsidiary unit of Times Internet Limited. However, it all began as a small experiment. Sameer Parwani, CouponDunia’s founder, had developed a social networking site named in 2003. He built this website for the South Asian community living in the USA while undertaking Bachelors in Computer Science from Cornell University. Although it didn’t turn out as a commercial success. However, its massive network of 3.5 lakhs registered users inspired him to experiment further. 

After completing his studies, Sameer Parwani launched his career as an Information Security Consultant with New York’s PricewaterhouseCoopers. Later on, he left it for founding a company, named Tysam Networks for college students. He soon left that as well to undertake freelance projects. After trying hands on all this, he finally re-launched his career as an entrepreneur.

Sameer started CouponDunia with shopping, travelling and restaurant deals with coupon code for Indian customers. It all started in America. But soon he shifted his base to India. 

In 2014, Times Internet acquires it and merges it with Times Deals. Currently, the company runs subsidiary websites in different countries apart from the Indian site. It runs CuponWorld in Brazil, CouponDunia in Indonesia, KodyBony in Poland, and KuponDunya in Turkey.

Simple Yet Innovative Business Model

CouponDunia is based on a simple, yet effective affiliate marketing model that generates revenues in the form of commissions. It is basically an online advertising website that facilitates group-buying deals. It all starts with entering into an affiliate relationship with online stores, brands, e-commerce websites, restaurants etc. As a first step, CouponDunia advertises attractive deals, discounts and coupon code offers on products/ services. It provides links to respective stores/ websites. When customers make purchases from the online stores by clicking on the coupon links. Then, it gets a commission as a percentage of the purchase amount. In short, it offers a unique platform where everyone gains. Online shoppers get lucrative discounts and offer while e-merchants get bulk-sales. At the same time, CouponDunia gets commission.

Basically, CouponDunia drives traffic to online stores and get commissions for the purchases made by customers. CouponDunia’s founder clarifies it. According to Sameer, they are just middlemen in the online world. It has tie-ups with other sites and it simply forwards the customers to these sites. In return, they get a commission for every customer transaction from the site. 

Journey Destined For Success

Within a year, CouponDunia churned out an impressive story. By March 2011, it’s turnover was Rs 1 crore and net profit was Rs 20 lac. At this point, only nine people were working for it. 

Later in mid-2012, it received a funding of Rs 1.2 crore. As a result, its services were expanded to Indonesia, Poland, Brazil and Turkey. It continues to expand further by adding seven offices in India including Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. 

Over the years, it has witnessed massive growth and success. It proudly serves coupon from 2000+ online brands attracting more than 2 million visitors every month. It facilitates transactions of more than Rs 500 crore contributing to a total of 2% to Indian e-commerce merchant’s GMV.

Currently, it operates from seven Indian cities with plans to expand further. It accomplishes 20k transactions on a daily basis with monthly traffic of over 5 million visitors. 

In addition to online discount coupons, it has also dished out discount coupons for the offline stores of FMCG segment in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Similarly, it launched its app to capture mobile users in 2014 which has been downloaded for 5.1 million times. Besides, it has also started providing cashback. 

In the words of  Ankita Tandon, COO, CouponDunia, “CouponDunia is currently driving 2% of Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) for Indian e-commerce websites. In order to establish ourselves as a truly ubiquitous brand that enables savings, we needed to be present in more categories, especially in those which dominate an individual’s monthly disposable income. With this thought we launched Food & Beverage offers last year, and this year we have added in-store discounts.”

Strategies That Makes The Difference

CouponDunia started its journey as an online marketing portal offering great discount coupons and deals to customers. Along the journey, it started offering additional cashback which was a surprising twist for any group coupon site. Recently, it has also jumped into the domain of offline coupons which is resetting industry trends. In short, it is constantly reinventing itself to meet customer expectations. 

Apart from superior user experience and hassle-free transactions;  Anshul Gupta, CouponDunia’s Brand Head regards a balanced mix of online (web/ app) marketing strategies as the foundation of their spectacular success. CouponDunia has used a unique blend of SEO, SMM, PPC, display advertisements, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram), email marketing, display and performance marketing campaigns etc. Anshul Gupta reiterates the importance of incorporating innovative storytelling methods in different formats that leaves viewers with remarkable memories. He vouches for campaign ideas that instantly connect with the users. For instance, CouponDunia left a mark with these stunning campaigns.

  • Make Shopping Rewarding
  • Zaroor Milega
  • Grand PaisaWapsi Festival

Innovation That Paid Dividend

Out of all the strategies, it used pre-roll advertising with such astonishing success that it grabs even Google’s attention. CouponDunia rolled out 50 humorous anti pre-roll ads between June 29 to August 13 in 2015. It created tailor-made pre-roll ads that shared viewer’s hatred for pre-roll ads. This was based on the insight that pre-roll ads that appear before Youtube videos extremely aggravate the viewers. This annoyance is further elevated when the displayed ads are completely irrelevant for the users.

As such, CouponDunia customized these ads to specific Youtube channels visited by its audience. It directly communicated with the viewers. Besides, it gave them the option to skip the ads after 5 seconds through Google’s TrueView tool. These relevant and targeted campaigns distinguished it from its competitors and engaged viewers instantly. Additionally, it gave CouponDunia a unique opportunity to incentivize its audience with Google Cards. A simple button on the ad allowed users to go to CouponDunia website converting them into potential customers.

Sameer Parwani, CouponDunia’s CEO and Founder, comments, “Viewers’ reactions to ads playing before the videos are very well known. No one likes watching irrelevant ads while waiting for their video to begin. We wanted to create and test content specifically for YouTube platform by bringing in elements of the video content before which the ad is being played and then subtly plug in the brand without it seeming out of place. The ad was fully aware of both the user’s trepidation at being disrupted as well as the content they have come to watch. We used Google’s new feature ‘Info Cards’ at the right place on the ad to lure viewers to visit the website.”

Consequently, the brand’s statistics reflected significant growth as shown below.

Completion Rate

It increased from 18% to 32% which means 32% of viewers watched the entire 30-second ad. 

Youtube Views

First month alone witnessed 10.3 million views. 

Website Traffic

Website got an enormous boost of 13% in its traffic.


Its revenue enhanced by 8% on a monthly basis.