How FabAlley set out to carve its own space as a brand among the big names in the Indian E-Commerce Market

FabAlley is a bold, inclusive and online fashion-forward brand that was started in 2012. It began as an online accessories store selling jewelry bags, and shoes. FabAlley is a western wear brand and covers everything from the glitziest and glamorous sexy dresses to game-changing tops and accessories. It is one of the private brands whose products are available across all the marketplaces. FabAlley began with a motive to empower young women all over the country. 

The brand name was inspired by all the rebellious and fashion-forward girls who shop from narrow streets and quirky boutiques. In just three years, the store has risen to become an established and legit style store for fashion-forward clothes and accessories. Also, the FabAlley online store promotes its brand on numerous social media platforms. These platforms help in the continuous growth of the brand and increase conversion rates. 


FabAlley specializes in combining innovative and cutting-edge fashion with an affordable price tag. All their product designs by their talented designers with innovative ideas. When it was launched, the company got around 100 visitors per day and now it gets between 40000-50000 visitors per day on an average. The success rate is tremendously increasing and the main reason behind this is large scale promotion on social media channels. Also, the company has more than a lakh registered members on their website. 

FabAlley Brief Description

Incorporation: 2012

Founders: Shivani Podder and Tanvi Malik

Visitors per day: 40000-50000 

Clothing: More than 2000 styles

Accessories: More than 500 styles

Revenue per month: More than 1 crore

Instagram Followers: 214k 

Facebook Users: More than 7 lakh 

Twitter Followers: 3k 

Enormous Growth using Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing has the power to transform the way that you reach and engage your customers. It helps in targeting the prospective and potential audience in a cost-effective and measurable way. Also, if your customers are linked to an online website then whenever someone visits the site, you can greet them with targeted offers. 

Faballey has utilized entire social media for its promotion and marketing activity. Also,a bulk of FabAlley’s marketing has been done through facebook and Google. Nowadays, online fashion blog pages are also an important part of digital marketing. FabAlley works with a lot of fashion bloggers like Popxo who has a huge Instagram following. FabAlley do contests with them, advertises with them to spread their business. Then, these fashion bloggers share FabAlley’s products on different social media channels. 

Massive Success through Online Sales 

FabAlley began in 2012 as an online fashion store. Later when FabAlley expands its network and established its brand properly gaining a massive growth, it opens retail stores at various places. A website makes easy for the customers to purchase and it helps in maintaining regular contact with the customers. It increases your company’s productivity because all the information about the products is available 24 hours a day on your website. 

Having a website is a must for online business so that you can reach the audience on a wider basis. So, FabAlley created its own website that was both informative and productive enough to attract and engage customers. In recent years, FabAlley sells its products only through an online medium as, at that time, there were no offline stores available. Through their website, they give information about its clothing products and accessories and educate them about various offers. So, they expand their customer reach and build their brand loyalty by creating a website. Also, it gains huge revenue and profits with the help of online sales. 

#FabsFitsAll Campaign 

FabAlley is built on the tenets of diversity, reliability, and inclusiveness. FabAlley brand design clothes in all sizes to encourage and empower women. Also, they introduced various campaigns to create awareness on women empowerment so that they can help in boosting the confidence of women. Regular campaigns help to engage users on a large basis and educate them about various social issues. Keeping all this in mind, FabAlley launched a campaign named #FabsFitsAll to champion inclusivity in fashion and to embrace body positivity.

 The motive of this campaign is to spread the message of believing in being fashionable irrespective of one’s size, shape, height or weight. It aims at empowering women and inspiring a new generation of girls to be themselves, realize their dreams and dress as they please. Through the campaign, FabAlley wanted to change societal mindsets, breaking down barriers and challenge fashion stereotypes. Later, the campaign gained a huge response from the audience and praised by a large population. It was largely shared on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms by the audience. Hence, it ultimately helps in retaining potential and prospective customers. 

Facebook and Instagram Pages

Social media pages are one of the most-efficient digital marketing methods to increase your business visibility. FabAlley created Facebook and Instagram pages that greatly increase their brand recognition and helps them to engage with a wider audience . Also, each post that is shared on Facebook and Instagram will be introduced to a new network of individuals every time. It leads to increase in the visitors to become potential customers. There is no doubt that a social media page provides benefits to your brand and regular use of it can generate a wide audience for your business.
FabAlley consistently posts on their social media pages to maintain a delightful relationship with its customers and to build brand loyalty.  They post websites and shopping links on the pages to provide flexibility to the customers. In doing so, the customers just need to click on the link to buy their preferred dress and products. FabAlley has more than 7 lakh followers on Facebook which really helps them in boosting their customers. Also, the company is working tight over Twitter to increase its user engagement which currently holds a count of 3k followers. 

Online Advertisements and Contests with the Fashion Bloggers

Advertisements and Contests plays a significant role in the introduction of the new product in the market. It enables the brand to expand its market and is helpful in exploring new areas . Repeated advertisements bring more reputation for the business and help in boosting the goodwill of the brand. FabAlley do regular contests and online advertisements with fashion bloggers to expand their customer reach. They work with a lot of famous fashion bloggers like Popxo and High Heels Confidential to create awareness about their new products and offers. 

Every time, there is a new collection of clothing or accessories of FabAlley, these fashion bloggers help in the marketing of the products to gain an immense response. The bloggers share the posts on their personal social pages to attract more and more customers. Regular posts and shares help the business to gain good traffic and increase their conversion rates. So, online advertising and contests help FabAlley to enhance its goodwill and maintaining a valuable customer base.  

FabAlley highly believes in digital marketing and always focus on increasing its user engagement online. It has a number of followers on their different social media platforms which expands their customer reach. FabAlley has gained a huge and immense importance with the help of social media channels. Hence, FabAlley successfully create its own name among the Indian e-commerce market.