How RedBus cracked all the odds in its way and became a leader in the bus ticket booking service?

Red Bus is the largest online bus ticket platform that is trusted by over 6 million users. It was started in August 2006 and operates on over 80000 routes and is associated with 2500 reputed bus operators. Redbus started with the intention to make sure that anyone who wishes to book their tickets on a brief notice should have a chance to do so. Now, Redbus has become a domestic and global company serving 20 million customers and has sold more than 180 million tickets to date. 

redbus ticket online booking

Redbus is recognized today as a go-to platform for internet reservation of the bus tickets and its advertising journey strongly reflects the brand development. It launched numerous advertising campaigns on social media to engage customers on a wider basis.In 2014, Redbus introduced its mobile application to provide comfort to its users. Now, they are no more required to go on the offline ticket window every time. Also, with the help of the mobile application of Redbus, customers can book tickets according to their preferences. 

The marketers of Redbus are well aware of the fact that online advertising is crucial to retain customers. By doing so, they launched various campaigns, TVC, ad films to educate the audience about their brand and to increase their conversion rate. In 2013, 2015, 2016, they introduced fascinating and productive campaigns featuring famous actors and shared it at most useful social platforms. 

It started targeting foreign markets like Singapore and began online advertising to reach those markets that still had an unstructured travel ecosystem. Today, Redbus has become successful and it has a presence in Singapore, Columbia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Peru. So, digital marketing has played a vital role in the outstanding and phenomenal growth of Redbus.

Redbus Brief Description

  • Incorporation: 2006
  • Founder: Phanindra Sama 
  • Mobile Application: launched in 2014
  • Customer Base: 20 Million 
  • Mobile App Sales: 50%
  • Facebook Users: More than 12,00,000 followers 
  • Average likes: 500 per post 
  • Twitter Followers: 87.1K 
  • Instagram Followers: 420 
  • Linked In Users: More than 24000 followers
  • Sales: Over 6 crores via the web
  • Per month transactions:  Approximately 2.1 Million
  • Tickets sold: more than 180 million till date

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing strategies help businesses in maintaining good communication with the audience. It is accessible to a larger audience. Online marketing helps in targeting the potential audience and allows you to reach international audiences through effective means. 

Redbus do online advertising and launch interesting ad films on a regular basis stating the benefits of online ticket booking. These online advertisements, TVCs, campaigns, and ad films on social media help in getting maximum attention from the audience. Through online ads and videos, the audience gets to know about the services offered which help businesses in increasing their conversion rates. So, below are the digital marketing strategies: 

Creation of Social Media Pages

Social Media is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. It provides incredible benefits that help reach millions of people worldwide. Red Bus marketers have created innovative and informative social media pages to engage the audience on a wider basis. With the help of Facebook and Instagram pages, they set-up a two-way communication with their target audience. 

It is essential to engage with your customers and start developing a bond with them to understand them better. Social media is not only limited to introducing your services but also a leading platform for promotional campaigns. So, Redbus marketers reach their target audience and build their brand loyalty by creating social media pages.

Redbus Mobile Application

Redbus launched its mobile application in 2014 so that users can book their tickets online. Further, they started advertising on social media channels to educate the audience about their new mobile application. In their advertisements, they highlight the simplicity of using the Red bus mobile app and its features. 

Also in 2014, they launched a TVC based on the benefits of the red bus mobile app which was aired in Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil. It was also shared on Youtube and on different social media channels to target more customers. Soon, 50 percent of the sales came from the mobile platform. 

Through the mobile application, Redbus is successful in targeting a prospective audience and to retain its customers. Nowadays, everything is online and people do not prefer to buy tickets offline. Also, customers can select their preferred seats while booking the tickets online and it also helps in saving their precious time. So, in order to increase traffic and to expand their customer reach, they launched the redbus ticket online booking mobile application.

Marketing Campaign on Social Media Platforms

Redbus is the undisputed leader in the redbus ticket online booking best market in India. The marketers of Redbus reach out to its audience across the country through various social media channels. It is investing heavily in marketing promotions to achieve its growth targets. They consistently conduct advertising campaigns on various social media platforms that help in reaching potential customers.

  • First Advertising Campaign- When you gotta go, you gotta go and was launched in 2013. 
  • Launched another Ad film in October 2013 that depicts the inconvenience caused during the Diwali season.
  • In 2015,  Redbus associated with the Indian Premier League with the title campaign #Don’tMissTheBus and share it on social media to engage more customers.
  • In April 2016- It introduced its next brand campaign, “No tension no Fuss” book your tickets on Red bus.

Redbus Marketers always ensures that they create value for their customers and launched campaigns during months Diwali and Christmas featuring exciting offers. They make sure that no one should go without a ticket by sharing their campaigns on different social channels. 

The latest integrated marketing campaign featuring MS Dhoni hits on many social media channels apart from TV screens. The campaign brings specific aspects of bus travel that cause inconvenience to the passengers and impacting the overall experience of the journey. Also, the campaign vividly highlights the benefits of redbus ticket online booking. The objective of the Campaign is to strengthen their engagement with the customers and to attract a large group of the population by promoting it on social media platforms. 

Special Festive Seasons Offers Online

Redbus gives the widest number of travel options across thousands of routes to attract and engage various customers. Most of the customers travel during festive months like Diwali, Christmas, New year. Redbus gives exciting online offers to its customers in festive seasons so that more and more customers book the tickets online. Also, it gives significant discounts on using particular online payment methods. 

Nowadays, social media is used by a large number of people and it helps the audience in providing information related to their interests. So, Redbus Marketers post these offers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to inform its customers. Later, they ask their friends to share the posts on most of the platforms in order to create awareness among the public. 

Hence, Redbus has become a national and international business that serves a customer base of more than 20 Million. They expand their business by using the above digital marketing strategies and establish its network all over the world. As such, in this way redbus ticket online booking became a leader in the bus ticket booking service.