How started as an experiment became a leader in the online matrimonial industry?

Best matrimonial site was started in 1996, When most of the Indians were unaware of the internet and its usage. It was launched by Anupam Mittal as he observed that India needs a medium to make love connections with one another. is a social networking site that specializes in matchmaking and helpful in making eternal and everlasting relationships. The marketers of follow a way to engage the audience by solving their issues related to love, marriage, dowry deaths, etc. on a regular basis. 

best matrimonial site uses innovative digital marketing strategies to differentiate themselves from other best matrimonial site. By using these marketing strategies, it becomes successful in reaching more than 35 million people. Also, social media is a good way of engaging and attracting customers. The more you communicate with the public, the more chances you have of conversion. has various social media pages that help them in reaching the audience on a wider basis. Their daily posts, shares, tweets help in creating brand awareness and improves their brand loyalty. also organizes social media campaigns to create awareness on issues like dowry, child marriage, women empowerment. Through these campaigns, they receive a lot of customer engagement and maintain a trustworthy relationship with their customers.  So, to increase their customer base and user engagement, they make use of various social media platforms


  • Incorporation: 1996
  • Founder: Anupam Mittal 
  • Customer Reach: More than 35 million
  • Facebook Users: More than 2 million 
  • Instagram Followers: More than 23K
  • Youtube Subscribers: Approx 30.9K
  • Success Stories: Around 60 lakh.

Marketing Strategies Used By help their users in finding a perfect match. It has collected a database of likes and dislikes of different people that helps in connecting one person to another on the basis of their needs and interests. Marketers of this platform are well aware of the fact that social media should not be avoided and more and more advertisements should be held on a regular basis.

Regular digital marketing of your brand increases traffic and helps in converting the audience into users. publish ads, videos, images on different social media platforms to retain more customers. So, digital marketing is a way to target a prospective audience and to generate leads for your business.

Hence, became a leader in the best matrimonial site and industry with the help of marketing strategies.

Below are the given strategies: 

Online Advertisements for targeting audience

Advertisements are the best way to communicate with customers. It is helpful in educating the audience about your business. creates advertisements for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube to target a potential audience. They spread the importance of love and marriages and also create awareness about various social issues in their ads. 

Also, there still remains a huge population who are unable to find a perfect match for them and are still single. engages the audience by designing attractive advertisements and sharing them on several social media platforms. So, by posting interesting ads on social media channels, increase its traffic and also helps users in finding their connection. 

Creative Facebook and Instagram Pages

Nowadays, social media is used by a large percentage of the population across the world. By making innovative pages on social media, one can easily spread their business. Similarly, has created productive and creative Facebook and Instagram pages to target the audience on a wider basis. 

On their Facebook page, they regularly post interesting ads and videos to expand their customer reach. It helps them in increasing awareness and to bring people closer to their brand. Hence, a social media page increased exposure to potential customers and helps in generating leads. 

Daily Posts and Shares on Social Media Platforms do consistent marketing of their brand by sharing marriage and love related posts on social media. Through these posts, they increase their brand awareness among the public and attract more and more traffic. spread their business by sharing the posts at most of the reliable social media platforms and improve their brand loyalty.

They regularly tweet on Twitter describing the importance of love and marriage to gain more customers. Further, they ask their friends to re-tweet it so that most of the audience could attract and reach them to find their connections. So, this way became a leader in matrimonial industry by using marketing strategies. 

Hosts Regular Games and Contests on their Social Media Pages 

Hosting games and contests is an essential part of their marketing strategy for engaging and retaining customers. Also, it helps in generating awareness among the society on various issues like dowry, child marriage, and women empowerment. They launched a famous game named “Angry Birds” on different social media pages. 

They introduced the game in the effort of creating awareness and discouraging the practice of dowry in India. Also, more than 6,00,000 people from more than 35 countries praised the idea of launching this game.So, by introducing the “Angry Birds” game on social media, they gained a huge response from the audience which helps them in making more customers.

Social Media Campaign #FastForHer engages its customers through its various social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. It regularly posts about various social issues to create awareness and to engage the audience. It took its first step to start the conversation over gender equality with the help of #FastForHer campaign.

In this campaign, questions were asked to the audience across Facebook and twitter on gender equality. The campaign earned huge response from the audience. Also, they have created a website and people took the pledge by commenting on the website. The #FastForHer campaign kept on trending for the whole time: 

  • Earned over 78 million impressions over Facebook and Twitter.
  • Its YouTube videos got 140000+ views.
  • More than 2,50,000 likes on Facebook.
  • Further 20,000 posts were shared on Facebook and Twitter.
  • More than 6500 Re-tweets.

So, this way the campaign received amazing and astounding responses and ultimately gets highlighted in front of the audience. The social media campaign #FastForHer helps them in becoming a leader in the best matrimonial site and  industry.