10 Blogging Tools To Take Your Blogging To The Next Level

You have finished your blog, but now what to do? Yes! you need to click on the button of post. But, WAIT WAIT! Don’t do this. You still have to do lots of things before posting your blog. What are these? Let’s Discuss.

Blog is not about writing, it includes much more than simply writing. You need to compete with the all content writers who already have written much on topic. You need to make your content stand out my putting some extra efforts. 

So, how you can make your Blog, by making special attention to headlines, social media, proofreading, you will be able to make your content 

Here are the apps that you can use to help to boost your blog make more standout and maintained.

Blogging Tools


A perfect topic will help make a good first impression. Make a topic that is catchy and can give a brief introduction of your Topic. So, you need to make sure that you a topic that describes your content. If your title is good chances of reading your blog by a reader will be increased. To make a good heading.

KingSumo Headlines

KingSumo Headlines is an automatic headline optimization plugin for WordPress that has proven to increase traffic of blog by addressing your title creation intelligently. Chances of success in increasing the blog traffic will be approximately 17% more. In this plugin you can type as many titles you can think of in WordPress. Titles you have written will be shown to visitors and then shared with others, then line statistics will help you to know which title you should choose.

Google Keyword Planner

Her’s is the most popular keyword tool of Google i.e. Keyword Planner. And, here is a good a good news, that it’s totally free of cost. 

To start using this app, you need to make an account on Google Adwords. Then, you can start this for your business to search right keywords. It is possible that, Google Keyword Planner might not give you the exact keyword suggestion, but it will help you to give good number of variations to your keywords. Here you can also get information of average monthly searches, level of competition of that keyword, and much more.  


Quora can be very beneficial for your website, if, you are using this crowd sourced funding website, then it will get the types of questions that you can answer using your knowledge and expertise. You can also follow the topics that will help you to find related topics of your choice. 

Hence you can use this App to get your task easily done of finding out a suitable topic.

Atomic Writer

This app is an editing tool that adapts your writing to your audience and encourage them to read your article. This important tool automatically learn the needs of your audience and considers appealing content. 

With the help of Atomic Writer you will be able to understand the reading behavior of your writer. It will understand, whether your content is suitable for the audience, and it will also help you to provide real-time feedback to improve your blog writing. 

It also takes care of readability, format and edit affects of your content’s performance in an easy to understand way.

Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the most versatile tools of Google. To use this App you need to simply signup and choose your options that might sound interesting to you. Google Trends will help you to get the list of top hot topics of your choice. Though, you need to understand that  Google Trends does not provide actual keyword search number. But, with the help of a Keyword planner you can get the best out of this to get topics that are trending and meet your Keyword Planner as well.


Who do not go for research before writing a blog. But, sometimes, due to research and abundance of writing resources, generally writers might not be able to keep true to their own voice. To help you to write a fresh and quality content and to maintain your identity, ProWritingAid will help you to be objective eye of your content. Some of the best features of the app includes find overly wordy sentences, measure readability and overused words to suggests edit that will ultimately make your content more interesting and punchy.

Stock photos & gifs

To give your content good visual effects, you need to make sure to include images and gifs that match your content. It also assist your viewers to understand the tone of your writing. The appropriate visuals according to your blog can increase your total page views by more than 90%. 

Naming images that you use and giving accurate alt text will create great visuals. With the help of visual effects, you will be able to establish an elicit and strong connection out of your reader. 

Get social

You are done with your writing and you implied all your efforts to write your blog and you published it. But, is it getting enough traffic? You need to apply one of the most important factor to make your blog a success. It will give your blog writing an extra boost. You need to use social media to give a boost to your blog.you can also improve traffic by sharing it on the right day, time and platform. 

So, can take the help of Get Social to ensure that your social media calendar includes sharing relevant articles and blog from your network cyclically.


This app is helpful to rewind your social media regimen and helps to stop your posts from going to waste. 

To share and re share your blog more than few times in a week of publication. By the end of the month the accumulation of the green content will not be seen. As, by that time many blogs of your niche would have already outranked. 

Wit the help of this app, you can simply categorize schedule of your content and can schedule and cycle through posts, while uploading your content library.

Wrapping up

Your content can make or break your efforts. Being a blogger, content creation should be your top priority. Above mentioned tools will not only help you to write a good content, but will also help you to shine out from the crowd. But, please note that only good content will help you to garner best results from above tools. I hope these 10 blogging tools will help you to get your things done. If I have missed out any tools then, feel free to share them in the comment section below.