Top Blogging Trends for Building an Audience in 2019

Blog is basically writing about any event, topic or maybe any situation. On the other hand blogging are the various skills that are required to operate a blog on social sites. There are various blogging tips on  social apps where one can keep his thoughts or knowledge in terms of blogging. Blogging makes the process of writing, linking and sharing content easier on the internet with the help of the inserted tools on the web page. Blogging is growing with each passing day now. In another terms blogging has become the mainstream of new source of information.

Why is blogging becoming popular?

    1. It allows the readers to comment and interact.
    2. Blogging provides information to the reader.
    3. This keeps the clients and customers up to date.
    4. Eventually it can help you to earn money.
    5. Helps you earn fame.
    6. It lets you showcase your talent.

The Top Trends of Blogging are

1. Choose a quality organizer

To get good response regarding your blog, this is the main task to focus on. If we particularly talk about 2019, one of the main aspects on which a person will be judged is the typing speed of the blog. So go for the web hosting which is fast, dependable and substantial.

2. Create visually appealing blog

The plain text contains only words are boring to read. What attracts an individual are animation, videos, infographics and pictures. Blogs containing more animations are preferred more in market. This not only attracts the reader to go through the blog but also makes it easy to read. So for such blogs use tools like Photoshop.

3. Create long and quality content

The contents which contains accurate vast knowledge are appreciated more. Nonsensical things added in the blog makes it boring to read. So while writing one prefer coming to the point straight. Include examples to make it easy and go into its depth. Make a target of 1500 words and don’t exceed the target.

4. Insert quality Backlinks

Provide links to the get directed to the web page related to the blog. By adding links one can avoid the confusion on the sites and get organic jam. You can create your own back links as well by referring to the internet. Backlinks will same time as well.

5. Speed up your blog

Speed in the field of blogging is considered as the most important factor. If a blog tends to take time more than 4 seconds, the user will not stick and leave reading it immediately. There are main factors like Good Hosting, CDN ( Content Delivery Network) and WordPress Cache Plugins.

6. Use ads to promote your content

Promote your content by using platforms like instagram, facebook or snapchat to promote your post. The users on these social sites are more active as compared to other websites.For eg: Blogs like that of food or fashion if posted on instagram will gain more popularity.

Blogging strategies are changing rapidly and is much more competitive and smart now. You need to update yourself according to the latest trends in order to keep your blogs in demand. Networking is equally important and make sure you do connect with an influencer and share their content over the web.