Generate Instagram Leads With These Tactics

Doesn’t matter, how many customers you have, you need to work on increasing your customer base. For that, your first step is lead generation.

With Lead Generation, your ultimate goal is to make your targeted audience show interest in your product. This is generally done by user offering their contact information (Mobile Number or Email Address) to the business. And then the business intimidate the user with their latest offers and benefits.

Social Media Platforms has become a great platform to generate leads for various businesses. And with the exponential increase in the number of Instagram users in the last few years, Instagram is the ground to generate leads.

Here are some tactics that you can use to generate Instagram Leads:

Instagram Stories To Generate Leads

Instagram launched story in the July 2016. The idea was the same as the Snapchat Story where the photos and videos will vanish after 24 hr.

However, Instagram Story was more appreciated and the company’s growth was visible clearly. This is when the marketers got the idea of using this opportunity for their business.(Learn how to use instagram stories)

Nowadays, Instagram Story can be used to generate leads.

  • To generate Instagram leads, you can simply take help of Instagram paid campaigns.
  • Furthermore, you can use story features to intimidate your current followers regarding your new updates.
  • Users on Instagram highly use the Story feature for their piece of entertainment and your image or video can help you get leads that you are looking for.
  • Furthermore, you can use the swipe-up feature of Story to take the user to your website or any other page that you want.

Instagram TV To Generate Leads

IGTV is a very latest features launched by Instagram on June 2018. Using this feature, a user can simply put on a video of up to 1hr duration whereas the Instagram Story feature only allows a few second videos.

This offers the marketers and businesses to post more detailed videos that can inform the customer about your services in a better way.

  • Using the IGTV, you can offer details of your business using a video format.
  • Also, you can use description and add a link there to take your user to the website.
  • You can link your Instagram Story to the IGTV and then take the user to your website.

This is a great technique to establish a robust reputation for your business and generate Instagram leads at the same time.

Personalize and Humanize

Another very important things a business need to consider while generating Instagram Leads is to personalize and humanize the product. Instagram is a place where people come to socialize and entertain.

You do not want to make everything about the business. Show your followers that you are unique and a legit organization by personalizing your Instagram post.

  • For that, you can simply add stories related to your employees.
  • A working together picture and photo can make a huge difference.
  • Other than that, you can add behind-the-scene videos and photos.

Users on Instagram highly appreciate these post as it helps in increasing trust and credibility. Using this method, you can build relationships with your customers and followers.

Try Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the people or brand with a high follower list. Everything they do, post, and upload are being watched by their followers.

When it comes to Instagram Marketing, influencers can make a huge difference in your marketing methods.

  • Influencers are constantly in touch with their followers by offering great content which is appreciated by their followers.
  • If they recommend a product or service then the chances are people might try it.
  • For that, you can ask any influencer to try your product and review it on their page.
  • The choice of influencer depends on your business type and targetted audience.

Reports have shown that the product recommended by the influencers have a high chance of getting leads and conversion.

Provide Link To Website (Landing Page)

All the efforts you are making on Instagram to generate lead may not work if you do not provide the link to your website. This may sound weird but it is very true.

Before entering their personal details, users generally visit the website of the marketer to check whether it is legit or not.

If users do not find any website then they will think that this might be a fraudulent advertisement. However, adding a link to your website can help to generate Instagram leads than other methods.

Run Contest To Engage Users

  • You can users to upload photos using your services.
  • And add a targeted hashtag for the post and images.
  • After that, you can offer some merchandise or coupons to your users.

These methods are really engaging where the company gets the lead and users get to know about the brand in a more closely.

Use Hashtags

Instagram takes hashtags where seriously. Hashtags can be targetted just like keywords for SEO. Also, hashtag results in more organics traffic than any other way.

Using hashtags can help to generate Instagram leads, get you numerous likes and comments.

  • Instagram has a feature where a user can also follow the hashtag.
  • Using this, you can simply take your product and services to an audience already interested in similar products.
  • Hashtags results in better leads and organic traffic than any other method.

Take Help From Social Media Platform

Instagram is good, however, you should also try other social platforms as well. And linking your various social accounts can be beneficial for the brands as well.

Instagram is image and video-centric platform. Sometimes, a user might want to know more about you before purchasing the services.

For that, you can link your other social account and website, so that a customer can have as many details as required.


In order to generate Instagram leads, Use the latest trends of instagram or you can use strategies your own techniques and see effective results. However, you should respond to the comments and messages as soon as possible. This might help to convert the leads into customers. Customer Support services also matter for the same that you can try.

If you have some better tactics to generate Instagram leads then feel free to share with us.