Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm is a set of rules for solving problems in a finite number of steps. It is a complex system to recover data from its search index and give the best possible results for a query. 

Google introduces changes to its algorithm almost every month. It believes in adopting new technologies like machine learning and Semantic search in the process. Also, Google Algorithm Updates helps in improving the search engine rankings and in increasing the web traffic.

Google Algorithm Updates

Below are the Google Algorithm Updates of 2019 : 

1. Diversity Update Roll Out

Launch Date: It was launched on June 4, 2019

What it means: Sometimes, Google shows too many listings for the top search results from the same domain name. So, if you search for a particular problem, it will show you 4 to 5 searching results. But Google does not want to show more than 2 results related to the same domain name. So, Google Algorithm Updates will provide more site diversity in our results. 

But here is a condition, Google says that it will not show more than two results only when it is suitable to do so. For example, if someone is searching for a particular brand like Amazon, Flipkart, it will show you more than two results. 

Who was impacted: Diversity updated is not affecting anyone industry in particular. However, it will show more than 3 results when it comes to local and small brands. So, the update will affect the ranking of the site.

2. Core Update Roll Out

Release Date: It was launched on June 3, 2019

What it means: According to Google, the Core update does not impact one particular ranking factor or technique. This Google algorithm Update helps in improving search engine rankings by improving the quality of the content. 

Who was Impacted: Many sites get affected by this update and there was a 20-90% drop in traffic. The Daily mails lost nearly 50% of the search traffic. 

3. Deindexing Bug

Release Date: It was released on April 5, 2019

What it means: On Thursday, 4 April Google webmasters noticed that some of the web pages were no longer showing on google search. Google confirmed that the reason for deindexing was a bug, not an update. By 11 April, Google stated that the issue has been successfully resolved. 

Who was impacted: Around 4% of the pages get affected by the bug.

4. Unofficial Google Update

Release Date: It was released on March 27, 2019 

What it means: Google has witnessed some ranking fluctuation on March 12, and some of the websites get affected. So, Google released an update that helped in detecting those fluctuations and stabilize the ranking. 

Once Again, sites with high authority received a boost in their traffic and rankings. 

5. February Unnamed Update

Release Date: It was released on February 27, 2019 

What it means: Google witnessed a sharp rise in SERP volatility on February 27 and it was continued till 28. The rank risk index and the advance risk index shows higher volatility. Also, the Moz Cast weather report does not show the weather on February 27.  Hence, the Google Algorithm Update was released. It was like a quality update which helps in resolving the issue of fluctuations in the search engines. 

Who was Impacted: In the UK, there are many categories affected included E-A-T categories such as health and science.

6. January Unnamed Update  

Release Date: It was released on January 6, 2019 

What it means: Search engine results page tracking tools show a rise in volatility between January 6 to January 14. This update was related to the quality of the content and some webmasters focused on improving the quality to recover the previous losses.

Who was Impacted:  Also, Some websites were affected in the areas of science, education, Law and government, pets & animals, etc. 

Hence, Google Algorithm Updates is useful in solving issues related to ranking fluctuations, reducing web traffic, indexing issues, content quality problem, etc.