How To Improve Google Ads Quality Score 

Google Ads Quality Score indicates the relevancy and quality of the keywords you are using in your ad. It will also help you in knowing the ranking of your ad as a high-quality score means the highest ranking. Google Ads has more than 1 million marketers with a highly competitive market. Increasing the quality score of the ad will raise the pay per click profits and position of your site.

Google Ads Quality Score

Ways To Improve Google Ads Quality Score 

* Ensure Your Keywords are Relevant

Keywords are one of the most important aspects that affect your quality score. Before using your keywords, you should check the relevancy and performance of the keywords. Because a negative keyword can highly affect the quality of your ad and hence it’s ranking. Proper research about a particular keyword can tell you how they are important to users and what changes make it appropriate.

* Improve Your Landing Page

You can boost your Google ads quality score by improving your landing page. Firstly, make sure that your page is responsive. It means the user should not face any problem using it on any device, for example, laptop tablet smartphone, etc. Also, the landing page must be relevant and clear. When someone goes to your page, it must be clear what you want them to do. If users are satisfied with your landing page, it will surely help you in increasing your Google ads quality score.

* Use Expanded text ads

It allows you to run your ad with longer copy. Also, you can use long-tail keywords with expanded text ads. Long-tail keywords boost the relevance of your ad. Use of 50% or more characters can help you in increasing your quality score. You get more space for search terms that are longer than normal. Hence, it makes simpler for people to find you.

* Increase Your Click-Through Rates

One of the best ways to improve your quality score is to increase your ad’s CTR. Firstly, make sure that you are using relevant ad extensions for example site links, callouts, etc.  It helps in increasing the number of clicks for your ad.

Google ads give you 30 characters for 3 headlines and 90 characters for 2 lines of description. So, remember not to waste your ad copy allowance. High bidding for your target keywords also results in higher CTR which ultimately will help in increasing your quality score.

* Scheduled Monitoring 

You need to make time for monitoring your account. Regular checking of the performance of your ad helps in improving it. If your quality score is getting down, you can increase it through specific tasks only when you are active on your account.

* Website Speed

Google also uses site speed as a factor for Quality Score. Use below-mentioned tools to improve your site speed:

1. Google Analytics: Check Google Analytics or search console for the average speed of your landing pages.

2. Google Page Speed Insights: It provides a report on your page speed and tips on making changes to your website that helps in boosting the speed of the site.

* Check and Resolve technical issues

You should regularly check all the technical issues and use the best possible method to resolve it. It involves checking of URLs, their formatting and whether they are sending to the relevant pages or not. Also, there should not be any 404s error. It means that users are trying to reach your website but it is not available on the server. 

So, Google ads quality score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages. The higher quality of your ad can lead to lower prices and better ad positions. So by following the above tips, it is possible to gain a better score in your Google ad.