How to Raise Your Instagram Engagement Rate

Raise Instagram Engagement is not a difficult task. Social media marketing has become an inherent part of our life. Now, social media is not limited for personal use and chit chatting. Currently, social media is helping businesses to connect with the clients and get leads. But, simply joining social media by making account on different platforms will not suffice. You are need to make efforts to connect with people through social media. So, what measures you need to take if your Instagram engagement is down? What is the good rate of engagement on Instagram?

raise instagram engagement

In this blog we will be sharing tips that will ultimately help you boost your Instagram engagement rate.

Use hashtags and captions

To raise instagram engagement is recommended to use hashtags and captions in your posts as posts with hashtags get almost double engagement and hence it will help you to get more engagement. But, you need to make sure that you use relevant hashtags and captions. Mismatch tags will not help to get engagement. It is advised to use hashtags that are famous and in your field.

Post effective content

You are required to post content that is attractive, unique and relevant. Post images that are attractive. Make them shine by your creativity. Use the content that ultimately influence users to like your post, to follow you and to eagerly wait for your next post. Quality of your post will be defined by the number of likes you get. So, you need to make sure that you are using all the tactics to make content shine out.

Maintain consistency

Be consistent, you are required to post in a consistent manner. Make sure that you post regularly on a timely basis. One thing you should remember is that, you should post in the evening as most of the users used to be online at that time, you can also choose afternoon shift of 12 to 4. Consistency in your post will make you more genuine and reliable.

Write longer captions 

We will recommend you to post longer captions posts. You should use captions that are able to describe the complete story. With the help of these captions you can describe the experience of your customers, can discuss new launched products and many more things that you can share using long captions.

Engage with other Instagram users 

You need to connect with your followers. Actively reply and return comments as it will help your followers to connect with your content. You can like their posts as well as comments on their posts. Your activities will encourage your followers to actively connect with you and to engage with your content.

Wrapping up

Getting engagement is not an easy task, but you can make it happen by using the above tactics. You can also buy likes, which will ultimately improve your followers engagement. Though, there is no hard and fast rule for the same. You can be more creative and unique in your style to increase Instagram engagement.