How To Rectify Webmaster Errors

Webmaster errors affect web traffic and site ranking. It creates a problem for Google in accessing your site. So, it is important to rectify webmasters errors immediately.

Below given some errors and their solution so that they can be rectified on time.


Site Errors

Site errors are high-level errors that affect your entire site. Google usually shows you these errors for the last 90 days. It includes the following:

Server Connectivity Errors

Server error means that your site is taking too much time to respond. It means Googlebot can connect your site but can’t load the page. It may happen when your website gets overloaded with too much traffic to handle. Below are the sever connectivity issues:

  • Connect Timeout: If the server is busy, the request cannot get in touch with the server.
  • Connection Refused: It happens when the server refused for the connection.
  • No Response: The connection with the server will be closed.
  • Timeout: The request wait time is very high and the server timed out waiting for the request.

How To Fix It: Use Google tool Fetch As Google so that Googlebot can check where the issue is. If Fetch as Google returns the content of your homepage, it means that Google can successfully access your site.

Also, speak to your hosting provider and mention all the problems that you are facing in the server connectivity section. 

Domain Name System Errors

A DNS issue is highly important as it is the first step in accessing your website. It means that the user cannot connect to your domain or website due to DNS lookup or DNS timeout issue. Google states that many DNS issues allow Google to access your site. But if the error is serious, you should immediately act. 

How to fix it

  • Firstly, Google suggests using their tool namely Fetch As Google tool. It is located in the right corner in the search console. It will tell you how Googlebot crawls your page.
  • If Google can’t fetch or render your page properly, you can check with the DNS provider to see where the issue is. There could be issues in the DNS provider’s end.
  • Instead of having failed connection it should display a 404 or 500 error. 

Robots Failure

It means that Googlebot cannot retrieve your robots.txt located in your domain. Also, Google is unable to index your new pages and changes due to blockage. 

How To Fix It: There are steps that can help you in solving robots.txt errors:

  • You should have detailed information about commands, instructions used in the robots.txt file. 
  • Then, understand what types of URLs to be blocked or allowed for crawl and index. So that Google can see where the issue is.
  • Use webmaster robots.txt tool to check the URL’S blocked or allowed with respect to the commands. The tool will help you in correcting the issue. 

URL Errors

URL errors impact the specific pages of your site. It does not affect the whole site. URL includes the following: 

  1. Soft 404

It happens when the page displays 200 found instead of 404 not found. For pages that do not exist, it should be 404d or 301. 

How To Fix It

  1. The page must be published from your content management system, not from the drafted mode.
  2. You should ensure that the 404 page is the correct page.
  3. Check whether this error shows up on the www vs the non-www version of your site and the Http vs https version of your site. 
  4. If you want to redirect the page to another page, it must be an appropriate one. 

You should issue immediately if the page is an important one.

Access Denied

This error indicates that the URL requires a login on your hosting provider. Therefore, Google is unable to access it. Remove the login option from pages so that Google can crawl and check it. Then scan the whole website.

Not Followed

Not Followed errors indicate crawling issues from JavaScript, Flash or other forms of active content or improper redirects. You can use various tools such as Lynx Text or Fetch As Google to rectify webmaster errors. 

Hence, to rectify webmaster errors is the first and foremost thing. If users want to access a website and he is unable to it, then he will surely shift to your competitor’s website. It will lead to down the web traffic and ranking.