Proven Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing

If we talk about content then, we all know that it plays a significant role in ranking of the website. Content not only educate consumers but it also help them to become aware. More than half of the marketing is purely dedicated on the content. Without content the amplification of the website will not be possible. There are a number of ways to boost your content marketing strategies  and rank your website on the search engine. But, apart from mediums of shares, do we really have a number of ways to make our customers to share our content. 

Let’s dig into deep and find out the ways that we can apply to share our content and help to monetize the efforts that we put on contents. Here we will be discussing about organic shares and the strategies that will help you to get your content share in different social platforms.

boost content marketing

Customize social meta tags

By default, social networks will automatically pull data from your web page’s meta values whenever you share it in different social media accounts. This type of tag goes directly above or below the keyword tags. It contains a brief information about the content. Hence, it is suggested to use it to enhance the quality of the content.

Educate your audience

Simply thinking to monetize each and every effort of yours will repel the customers, instead of attracting them towards you. Tell them something unique and valuable. Educate them by providing them with information that might be useful for them. Make them think about your service or product by letting them know that you care. Tell them why they should prefer your service or product instead of others.

Customize meta tags 

If you will use meta tags then by default web page of your social media will pick data and will show data. Therefore, it will make your content more attractive and easy recognizable. It will make your content stand out.

Conduct A/B Testing

You can use A/B testing to know whether your piece of content resonates with readers or not. A/B testing is used to compare two versions of a web page to compare against each other. 

So, you can simply use that to  know you are doing good or not. With the help of this you can measure click through rates, open rates and conversion rates.

Establish a style guide

Now a days people have become more sensitive when it comes to brand awareness. You need to understand that customers do focus on your goals, styles and beliefs and hence they can tell you tell when your messages conflicts with them. So, you need to focus on your tone of voice, spelling and grammar specifics, logo styles and colors, link preferences, your overall goals as well as your image preferences. Your style guides should be up to the market so that it can inspire your readers to know more about your company.

Optimize your content 

You are required to use SEO techniques, SEO has optimized in past years, so you need to optimize too to make a content SEO friendly. Choose keywords that are specific and actionable. Do not use those keywords that are already in high competition. Try to make your content perfect do not stuff keywords without any purpose.


If you still hadn’t tried your hands on it, then you need to start with this. You can apply the above ways to boost content marketing to increase your ROI. Though, these steps do not guarantee success, but, you can apply them to help content to optimize and improve shareability of your content.