Social Media Marketing vs Social Media Optimization

Both the SMO and SMM are popular among the Digital Marketing sphere. Generally, people get confused between these two. But this article will help you remove the misconception about the two.
As the social media and its usage started thriving, the marketers got a nice opportunity to promote their product using this platform. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more takes a lot of daily time of an individual which makes the social media a good platform to advertise.

What Do SMO & SMM Actually Mean?

SMO – Social Media Optimization – If you want to use the social media platform to promote your brand, company, or product then you start with the Social Media Optimization. Most importantly this process do not include any payment to promote your website. As the name suggests, you optimize or update your data to make it social media friendly. It includes working on the website and social media handles as well.
SMM – Social Media Marketing – Once you are done with the SMO, the SMM starts. This is a paid process where you work on branding and campaign of the product. You target your customers according to your goods and then run advertisements.
Let’s get into more details of these processes.

Starting With Social Media Optimization

The basic concept of SMO is to optimize your website (on-page) so that it appears good on your social media searches. Types of social media involved include RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites, as well as social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, video sharing websites and blogging sites.

It is similar to SEO where we optimize the website to grab the web traffic whereas in SMO we work on getting the social media traffic.
The Social Media Optimization or SMO may include:

  • Increase the linkability
  • Easily tag or bookmark the platform
  • Easy to share content
  • Offer more information as possible with genuine content
  • Reward helpful and valuable users
  • Keep everything up to date with quality content
  • Mix various social media links together
  • Create your own SMO strategies after studying your target audience
  • Stay original and fresh with your content

These are some essential tactics used by everyone who practices the SMO.

Continuing With Social Media Marketing

Once you are done with the SMO, you can start with SMM or Social Media Marketing. This is an off-page or off-site process which includes publicizing and sharing your content on a various social media platform.

Social Media Marketing

Here, we use social media platforms as the marketing tools to promote the website, brand, and product. Here is what an SMM generally includes:

  • Social media strategy – Deciding the platforms that you want to target and plan the required goals
  • Analyzing the Competition – Checking and analyzing the competitors to assess their performance to improve your own.
  • Engaging with the Users – Offering assistance to your users or visitors regarding the product or brand.


Social media marketing carries a lot of weight and potential. It can be very well used to create a buzz of your product or brand. In order to that, both SMO and SMM are important.
In short, SMM brings the visitor and SMO engages them or convert them into customers.
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