The Ultimate Guide for Digital Marketing Trends 2019

In order to evolve and respond to the changes, it is necessary to adopt yourself for new changes.  In order to stand out and grow you need to speed up your gears and absorb this. 

According to a notice, in total web searches, more than 50% were mobile queries. That means more and more people are converting to android search. On the other side, if you look around 5 years back, only 16.2% searches were made on mobile devices. If you haven’t updated your website to a newer responsive version, then you yourself losing your customers. And we have a list of Digital Marketing Trends. 

So, let’s get start with our comprehensive as well as easy to understand digital marketing guide: We have compiled almost everything that you need to complete a comprehensive ultimate guide for Digital Marketing Trends of 2019.

First, let’s get start with the question what is digital marketing? We can describe digital marketing as marketing of services and products via different forms of digital marketing. Now, you must wanted to ask that why we should use digital marketing? As, we have mentioned earlier that in order to survive in the market we need to constantly upgrade ourselves as well. Now, technologies are evolving at very fast rate in order to survive, grow and thrive. 

The Ultimate Guide for Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a tactic of marketing includes creating valuable experience and making a positive impact on your customers. One can take the help of inbound marketing to attract more visitors and increase conversions, quality traffic and helpful content for its users. With the use of attractive, engaging, informative and quality content you can attract more prospects for your business. You can also connect with your customers and hence will satisfy them. It will also enhance credibility and brand awareness. Here you use the tactics of providing what is needed to your prospect customers. With the help of this you increase trustworthiness as you focus to provide what they want. 

Its whole methodology has four stages and these are attract, engage, close and delight. It is not limited to these four stages, it also helps to create trust, momentum and credibility as well as it also helps to add value to journey of your consumer’s journey. These methodologies will help you to build long term relationship with your customers. Inbound marketing has four main channels and these channels are given below: 

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
  • Content marketing 
  • Email marketing 
  • Social media

Affiliate marketing 

Have you ever noticed vouchers, when you watch sponsored Instagram videos or Youtube posts. This type of marketing called as affiliate marketing where those who are selling products on a commission basis are called as re-seller or it can also be called as commission based program. In this type of marketing a third party sell your services or products on a commission basis. In referral marketing it is quite simple to notice the number of referrals that can be utilized by the consumers through third party. You can recruit affiliates in quite low cost and can make your services or products available for a large chunk of population.

Artificial marketing

Creative minds have already started using Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is acquiring market. From recognizing voice to doing simple tasks, Artificial Intelligence acquiring markets at a very fast pace. It is not limited to that, as. AI can analyze consumer behavior as well as can utilize data from social media platforms. It also offers to generate leads. According to studies, AI will acquire around 25% of the market.

Chat bots 

Chat bots has become an essential part of Digital Marketing in 2019. It is an Artificial Intelligence based technology that help to chat in real time, whether it’s day or night you can chat any time using this technology.  Around 80% of business savvy have already started using Chatbots. It is estimated that by 2020, it will save around $8 billion dollar per annum. It is not only easy to use but it also help to get real time solutions. People [refer chatbots over real beings as Chatbots are more responsive and provide reasonable solutions to its users.


You are required to personalize your marketing tactics in order to stand out among your competitors. People prefer products and services that are ultimately meant to satisfy their personalized needs and hence you need to create more personalized products, emails, contents, and more instead of creating a generalized one.

Live Videos 

Now, live content is growing faster. Live content has become popular and hence attracting more traffic than ever before. In order to stay ahead in the competition you need to make videos of with quality content. It has the ability to garner more views in an effective way.

Innovative adverts

This type of advertising enables its users to create personalized ads that target recipient specific customer. This type of technology allows its users to appeal directly and hence create more personalized compelling experience.

Final Words

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