Tips to Use Quora for Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019

Quora question answers is very powerful tool for engaging visitors in your website but many marketers think that quora is that not much effective for  marketing. But, it could be the biggest mistake made by them. You would be amazed to know that Quora has around 1.5 million visitors every month. These 1.5 million have the capacity to make your brand’s image. Building your brand image is one of the best things you can do on Quora and hence, it will serve as one of the best digital marketing strategies. It will help you to drive traffic to your website and will also help you to generate leads. Here we are mentioning reasons to use Quora in its overall marketing strategy.

quora question answers

It Can Improve Your Search Result Rankings

You may have noticed that Quora question answers often shown in the google searches and posts among highest rank sites. This makes Quora question answers is a  powerful SEO Tool to drive organic traffic to your site. So, by using Quora, you can also increase the chances of showing up in the top results by employing this digital marketing strategy. Hence, we can also say that Quora is a powerful SEO tool to drive organic traffic to your site. Although, you need to make sure that you are entering a relevant and genuine content. Using more than required keywords and speaking extensively about your product, without any connection with the actual question will not help you and hence, will decrease your chances of showing up in search results in search results.

It helps to find influencers

One of the biggest digital marketing strategies this year has been the growing importance of influencer marketing. If you are unable to find key influencers for your brand. Quora could help you to find the influencers of your industry. You can find number of key contributors of your field on Quora. As they people have already established their credibility, people easily trust on these people. You can also connect with them with the help of Quora tips, if they are ready to invest in your ideas.

Helps you to market your content

If you have blog posts with excellent then you can post on your brand’s website, here Quora will serve you in the best way to amplify your content. You can use it to promote your website. Here you are required to introduce your website slowly. Make your answer interesting to make your audience curious enough. Make sure to provide key information in your content and link your content to it by saying that you’ve written in more detail in your website.

Helps to gain insights of your industry

Quora will not help you to connect with the people of your industry. You can simply help your business and can know more about your industry. You can directly use Quora to conduct surveys by directly connecting with them instead of expanding on expensive surveys. By using this digital marketing strategy, you can directly ask your audience about the content and the content they want to read. You can provide the solution of common problems that might be asked by your users. This type of interactive way will help both of you i.e. your business as well as your audience.

It helps to learn your customers about your brand

Quora is a large community with mutual trust and understanding among its users. so, when you provide answers to questions and solutions to problems that have been asked then you are ultimately making your brand and increase its credibility. So, you can simply use Quora to enhance the credibility of the brand.

It helps you to come up with new content ideas

If you do not know what to write. You can take the help of Quora to get new ideas. You can directly ask for ideas related to your field. Although, you need to make sure that you provide ultimate content. So, if you think more and more people are asking about a particular topic then you simply provide a genuine content on that particular topic.

It helps you to Establish thought leadership

Establishment of thought leadership is something that every brand wants to establish. As leadership helps you to establish your brand credibility. Thought leadership also helps to build trust among your customers. Though, you need to understand that making thought leadership is not an easy task. Many brands do not know how to steer a conversation. Therefore, Quora can help you to do that as in Quora, you only need to contribute to the conversations.


So we can conclude that to successfully build Digital Marketing Strategy you can not skip using Quora. If you have started your business or you are an established one it will help you to connect with your customers and hence will also help you to increase leads. So, do not skip this well-rounded digital marketing strategy while marketing your business.