Top 6 Sources For Writing Trending Blog Topics 

Blog topics must be creative to get visibility and traffic on your blog. You should select those topics that are popular on various social media sites and platforms. Also, It must be valuable to the readers. Your blog topics must describe the content really well. Only trending topics manage to get the most of the likes and shares which is very important to make money. If it is not attractive or efforts are not involved, it’s hard for a blogger to increase visitors or traffic on your blog.

But if you are facing any problems in making your topic interesting, there are many sources available :

Trending Blog Topics
  • Quora

Quora is one of the best sources in finding the trending blog topic. It is a platform where you can ask questions about everything and anyone in the whole world. You can take guidance from professions that belong to your profile only. You can also check ‘ New Questions’ options to see the latest questions asked related to your field. Quora will provide you a list of interesting questions that will help you to find a diverse range of topics.

  • Feedly

Feedly observes news feed from various online sources for the user to customize and share with others. It also helps in finding a trending topic. It lets you follow popular blogs in your niche with just one click. As well as a blogger can choose a specific category and search for the relevant publications. Feedly has more than 15 million users and it is a trusted source for bloggers. You just need to subscribe to their feed and get all the latest topics in your dashboard.

  • Medium

It is an online publishing platform and it publishes only trending topics. It is a free source to find a solution to your query.  You can use “category search” on the platform to search for some popular blog topics. You just need to create your account and download its mobile app. Also, you can follow professionals and your required categories. After that, you will receive notifications for the latest posts in your feed. 

  • Buzzsumo

It provides those topics that are widely shared on social media like Facebook, Instagram, which ultimately helps you in getting the most traffic on the blog page. Also, Buzzsumo will guide you in finding some fascinating and valuable topics that are most liked by users. You just need to search in the “search-box” and it will show you all the trending topics. Also, after subscribing, you will receive notifications regarding the latest topics in your feed. 

  • Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to see the topics mostly demand by users. You can also explore the top questions asked all over the world. It will help you in knowing the User’s wants and needs. Also, Google Trends is a perfect tool for both personal and professional blogs. It provides the most useful searches compared to other sources.

  • Reddit

It provides interesting topics based on its freshness and popularity. It consists of new, rising, controversial and top contents all over the world. A blogger can also search for topics related to a specific location. Also, here is a tab of “Original contents” which helps you in providing 100 % original topics. It means you will not find those blog topics on any other website.

For a blogger, a blog must be viewed by a large number of people to make money. But views, likes, and shares depend upon the quality of the topic. If the topic does not seem to be trending, it won’t work. So, the topic must reflect some freshness and originality. Hence, with the help of the above sources, one can easily find a suitable blog topic for their page.