Top 7 Digital Marketing Tools for Marketers

Today, there is too much competition in the marketing industry. So Marketers need to be more advanced to make a successful business. To maintain ranking and boost pay-per-click profits, its important for marketers to be in the top searches of visitors. But it involves a lot of hard work and consideration. For a successful business, you need a creative website with quality content, attractive web designs and high speed. So, there are many tools for marketers which they can use to enhance the quality of the website and target the audience.

digital marketing tools

1. Buffer

This tool helps in scheduling your social media updates by letting you know the ideal time for publishing. Buffer decides on behalf of marketers the best time to post or update content. Also, it is a great tool when a marketer is on holiday. Because, with the help of buffer, a marketer can easily schedule tweets and posts for the whole week. It will automatically post like regular updates. You need not post it manually every time. Also, you can design specific posting patterns that will increase its effectiveness. Buffer is free up to ten updates to one social channel per day. Beyond ten updates you need to upgrade a paid plan. 

2. Slack 

Slack allows marketers to message individuals, specific teams, freelancers, clients, and stakeholders. All in one, it makes your communication simple. It helps in managing group conversations via email when one person decides to work from home. Also, it allows you to transfer files with just a single click. Slack is free for 10000 messages but beyond that, you need to take a subscription.

3. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is one of the helpful tools for marketers to explore which types of contents are popular on social media. A marketer can analyze which blog or content will perform the best and increase views or likes. It helps in finding the influencers who will promote your content on a vast basis. Also, you can check your own domain name into the search bar and see where and how many times your content is most shared.

4. Copyspace

It is an online plagiarism checker that lets you detect duplicate content. It helps to check whether a similar text blog or content appears elsewhere on the web. Having unique content is important to boost your website ranking in search engines. Every time visitor looks for fresh and original content. So, if the content is real and unique, it will help in building trust between you and customers. You just need to enter the URL for a website or blog post and copy space will tell you whether the same content exists online or not.

5. Quora

Quora is a question and answer platform where you can search for your topic using the keyword and take feedback. You can also ask various questions related to your topic from professionals. It will help you in knowing whether the topic you chose is trending or not. A trending blog topic is helpful in gaining a number of views and shares. Hence, Quora helps the marketers in raising web traffic and ranking of the website by proving fresh and original blog topic. So, it proves to be one of the great tools for marketers.

6. Google Analytics

It is one of the best tools for marketers. Google Analytics helps in analyzing the performance of your website on a regular basis. So, you can apply changes to your page whenever required. It is a free and most reliable tool. It also helps in raising the quality and viewers of a website. Hence, it boosts the web traffic and its ranking which ultimately increases the pay-per-click profits. 

7. Fotor

Using Fotor, you can create a variety of images, photo collages for your website. It also provides an area where you can experiment with your web designs also. It also includes graphics icons and studio-quality video templates. So, it helps in creating a valuable website that will be useful in increasing the number of visitors. 

Hence, each and the above digital marketing tools for marketers have their own importance. By using these tools, you can make quality content with a creative design which ultimately helps in making a perfect website. A good website helps marketers in uplifting their web traffic and ranking