Ways to Use Email Automation to Increase E commerce Revenue

Email Increase Revenue but require lots of efforts to send emails manually as your business will grow it will be harder for you to manage that. So we can say that it is not sustainable long term and hence you need to incorporate automated methods that will help you to increase E commerce revenue. 

email increase revenue

So before starting let’s know what is Email Automation 

Unlike email newsletters, email automation is setup once and then automatically sent to a particular person at some point of time or when he/she meets a certain trigger. So, Let’s jump into it and discuss in deep. But, first let’s discuss that how to use best Email Automation Software for Your online store

Email automation tools are created equally, there are certain aspects you should look for when choosing the perfect software. Choose according to your requirements and you can keep below mentioned points before making a decision 

  • You need to make sure that your app will send an automatic welcome emails when a someone creates an account or subscribes to your newsletters. 
  • It allows to make behavioral trigger such as browsing a certain product or abandoning a cart.
  • Create triggers at or after a specified time to re-engage customers who are inactive.   

Now, Let’s discuss the workflows of email automation that you can use for your business

Welcome your new customers

Welcome your subscribers with a welcome mail. It is suggested to use the email automation to send mail when a user triggers a specified point, subscribes your mails or make an account.

Produce recommendation 

It is suggested to produce recommendations that aims to gauge the interest of your customers. Send the recommendation or content with the informational stuff.

Provide timely discounts 

It is suggested to provide timely discounts or interesting offers to reward your customers. You need to pay back to your loyal customers as a token of loyalty.

Send emails to remind your customers

You need to remind your customers about abandoned carts i.e. send emails to those customers who have abandoned your cart or haven’t visited your site since a long time.

Winding up

We all know that automation always help us and it’s up to us how effectively we are going to utilize it. So, make efforts to apply new and creative ideas to extract more out of it.