8 Factors Which Determine YouTube Video Ranking

YouTube Video Ranking

YouTube started as a free platform to share videos using the internet. Anyone can upload videos on YouTube and other people can watch those videos as well And make money on youtube, using the services of YouTube.

However, YouTube has turned into a market for video content where people are targeting keywords in order to give their video the topmost slot for the searched keywords. This gave rise to the YouTube Video Ranking.

There are various factors that determine your YouTube Video Ranking Factors. And by examining these factors, you can improve the rank of your YouTube Video.

1. Channel Name & URL

Your channel name is your identity and your brand. You need to carefully choose the name. Also, you are required to create logo and cover picture for the YouTube Channel.

Along with that, you can create vanity URL for the YouTube that should integrate your Channel name as well.

In order to get the YouTube Vanity URL, you need to fulfill these conditions:

  • The YouTube Channel should have 500 or more subscribers.
  • Also, the channel should be 30 days old.
  • It should have icon and banner image uploaded on it.

Otherwise, the YouTube will generate dynamic URL for your channel which is not considered good for the YouTube Video Ranking.

2. Target Keyword & Country

Keywords are important everywhere, you need viewers. In order to get more viewers, your video should appear as the search result of specific keyword that you are targetting.

A good keyword maintained channel can work on search engine results as well.

Along with the keyword, you can also target countries for the videos and channel that you have. The YouTube algorithm places quite a lot of importance on metadata, and channel keyword is a significant part of that.

You need to have the basic idea of volume on the specific keyword that you are targeting. For that, you can use Google Analytics as a tool.

3. Video Description & Tags

Whenever you upload a video, you need to add a description and relevant tags to it. YouTube and Google cannot scan the video for Keywords, this is why they need some written content in form of description.

A YouTube Description can be 250 chapter long where you can put details of the video that you have uploaded.

Whereas the Tags are similar keywords that can enhance the search result for your video.

These two factors are very important for the search result for your YouTube video. Do consider that the keywords that you are using are also being used by the other YouTubers, you need to work on other aspects too to make things work.

4. Video Quality & Subtitles

Video Quality is also very important for the YouTube Video Ranking. Also, YouTube put the low-quality video at the bottom during the search.

And the high-quality HD videos are highlighted by YouTube for users to see.

Other than ranking, low-quality videos affect the user experience as well. As we know internet speed is not an issue anymore, this is why people want to see quality content.

Also, users experience and reactions also help with the rank of the video which brings us to the Subtitles.

  • YouTube is open to everyone which means people with different language and accent are uploading content. Adding subtitles can help understand the video in a more better way.
  • It expands the audience that includes the deaf audience as well.
  • Another thing to keep in mind that the subtitles are crawlable by the search engines.

YouTube has an auto-generated captions function which is not always correct. However, you can also upload a video with subtitles as well.

YouTube Video Ranking

5. Video Watch Time

Watch time is the length of the video seen by the viewers. Previously, YouTube only considered the views on the video ignoring the bounce rate. This means no matter whether the customer is watching the entire video or not, the channel gets the view.

Relying on just the view count was not doing any good for better content on the Youtube. This is why the watch time consideration is started to take into account.

Measuring the average watch time of various viewers help in deciding whether the video is actually relevant or not. And hence the rank of the video is decided on the basis of the quality.

6. Thumbnail

Before clicking on the video and watching it, the viewer sees the thumbnail first. This thumbnail should be relevant to the title and content of the video.

A YouTuber can manually design an upload the thumbnail image. Otherwise, YouTube will autogenerate the thumbnail for the video.

However, uploading a relevant video can be a better option for the YouTubers. The size of the thumbnail can be 16:9 ratio or 1280 x 720 px resolution.

7. User Experience Analytics

Along with a like button, there is also a dislike button provided by YouTube. The engagement of the user also matters which can be measured as well.

YouTube uses the data from the likes, dislikes, share and comments to check the user’s experience. The videos with better user review will get a higher rank on the search channels than other videos.

Using this data, a YouTuber can Analyze the viewer’s behavior and work on improving it.

8. Approach Social Platforms

YouTube is a social media platform itself. However, you can take help of Facebook, Instagram, and various platforms to promote your videos and get viewers.

This method is being used by many YouTubers to advertise their YouTube channel to reach a bigger audience and promote their content.

Using social platforms increases the credibility of the video and hence enhances the YouTube Video Ranking.


YouTube has a tough competition as well. People are competing for viewers subscribers on the YouTube and putting their utmost efforts to make their video better in every way possible.

If you are a YouTuber then you need to keep up your game and start building the strategies for the same.

Tells us about your experience. And what is the secret formula to get a better YouTube Video Ranking?