Overview Of Display Advertising

Google Display Advertising is an online form of advertising where a company displays it’s promotional messages or runs brand awareness PPC campaigns on the third party websites. These messages or ad campaigns appear in the form of image, text, audio, flash, and videos to grab the attention of the customers. Display advertising helps the companies to in the brand awareness and to enhance the purchase or productivity.
As per the market research, this campaigns covers 80% of the users globally over the internet. If you select the right format to advertise your campaigns like video, audio, text or flash then it will make an amazing impact on your business. In this module, you will be learning the tactics or strategies to choose the right format for your display advertising campaign.

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Scope Of Display Advertising

Running advertisement on Google with the help of Google Display Advertising is somewhat the same as posting an advertisement in the newspaper. It never gets old and the result is instant that also leads to an increase in purchase intentions of the customers over the internet. This is why one should understand how to use Display Advertisement technique to take their business or product to a peak by running the display advertising campaigns on different websites or search engine result pages.

Who Should Attend Display Advertisement Classes?

Anyone who wants to start his/her career, fresher, professional, homemaker, and entrepreneur can join the course. Google Display Advertisement classes will help you to understand the process to get specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely results that will benefit you. If you are confused about your career and not sure that what should be your next career move, then the Google Display Advertisement is the right choice for you. Along with that, you can also increase the ROI of your investments in your business.

Display Advertising Course Duration

4-6 Months

Session Commences

The Batch will start from 10th or 20th of every month.

Class Timings

9 AM Onwards


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