Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of optimizing the website and it’s content to rank it on a search engine such as Google, Bing by working on a specific keyword.

The search engines rank the most relatable or relevant searches according to their codes. SEO is a method to increase traffic or visitor on your website and is an important part of Digital Marketing.

How SEO Works?

Ever wondered why Google search has so many pages. Some websites are on the first page while others are on later ones.

This is how it goes, you put a piece of content on the internet using your website, blog or video channel. Now Google has the crawlers that go through your content and try to understand it using the already existing content on the internet.

Then it tries to match it according to the algorithms. If anything suspicious is found then the Google will spam it. A lot of factor affects these algorithms. And Google keeps on updating them very frequently.

Why Do We Need SEO?

If you have a brand, blog, or online business then you can use the Search Engine Optimization. One can use the SEO methods to achieve a rank on search engine and mark their brand on the internet.

  • Generally, a user clicks on the first few results when they look for something on the internet.
  • If your website appears on the top 5 results then you are likely to get more visitors.
  • A good SEO practice can improve your website performance and credibility.
  • Furthermore, other search engines are also likely to rank your website if the SEO is done nicely.

An Introduction to SEO?

Now you have a general idea about the SEO. we can move to a basic introduction of the Search Engine Optimization. When we talk about an organic traffic, we mean getting the visitors on your website using the unpaid methods.

Search Engine Optimization can be carried out in 3 stages and these stages are interconnected when it comes to delivering the best result:

Technical SEO

It is the first and most basic stage where the Google crawl through the website and index it. The technical SEO is performed once and once you get it right, you do not need to worry about it anymore.

On-Page SEO

The On-Page SEO primarily depends on the content that you upload on the website. The Search Engine such as Google reviews the entire content uploaded on the website and shows the most relevant and original content when a user looks over the internet.

A well-structured article or page with meaning full content is likely to rank higher. One should also put some time using the focus keyword precisely.

Furthermore, using image and infographics to explain the article can be really beneficial for the website.

Off-Page SEO

In simple terms, the Off-Page SEO is promoting your websites on various other platforms. It is also called link building and website promotion.

A website also required backlinks to do good on the search engines. The Backlinks are the trusted links coming from other genuine and high-ranking websites.

If not done carefully then it can cause a negative impact on the website.

Methods of Getting a Good Position on Search Engine

Some of you must have heard about the infamous Black Hat SEO method. Apparently, Google and many other search engines have banned the Black Hat Practice. On the other hand, there is White Hat which is approved by the Google. Here is what you should know about these techniques.

White Hat – As we said, it is the Google Approved techniques to rank your website higher on a search engine. This includes using the focus keyword smartly, not stuffing it in each of the sentences. Furthermore, one can try using sponsored links and social media platform to push their product on the internet.

Black Hat – In the contrast with White Hat SEO, the Black Hat can lead to the temporary or permanent ban. This is because of the ill practice of the Google algorithm. Also, to discourage the use of Black Hat, the Google releases frequent updates.

Gray Hat – Now, the Gray Hat is the somewhere between the Black Hat and White Hat, where one use the Black Hat methods just enough that will not lead to a penalty. But primarily focus on the White Hat methods by providing keyword rich content on the websites.

The Search Engine Optimization has a lot to offer if you have the correct information. At the BISDM (British International School of Digital Marketing), you will get all the information and in-depth details of SEO including the methods of link building and more.