Some Engaging Ways to make you Re-think your Social Video Strategy.

social video strategy

What is Social Video Marketing?

Social Video Strategy- In simple word, social video is any kind of video content that you made and share through social networks. Those videos can be your regular posts, Stories, cover videos, profile videos and also comments on social posts.

Types of Social Media Videos:

Social Video Strategy-There is many different kinds of social media videos

1. About us videos:

In this kind of video, you can give awareness into the people who work for your business, highlight the unique features of your brand as well as share your company’s backstory.

2.Product demo videos.

Another one is product demo video in this type of video we can give the demo of the product and also specify the qualities of the brand, this kind of video also known as explainer video because it’s a great way to explain your brand.

3. Promo videos.

Promo videos this video helps to let customers know when you are hosting a sale and promotion in a noticeable way that will stand out in newsfeeds.

4. Event videos.

And the next one is event videos that is help your social media audience feel like they are part of an event by sharing recaps and even creating life stories when the event is going on.

Key Action To Implement Social Video Strategy:

1. Know your audience.

when you are creating and uploading any social media videos, it pays to know your audience target .picture you ideal customer in mind when you make any video.
And when your video is ready to upload you can use advertising tool.

2. Fit their videos to their platform.

All the social networks have different audiences with different priorities, so if you have got longer content that features sound, it might work well on YouTube, but can fall on Facebook where shorter, sound-off content reigns.

3. Run tests.

There’s two way to test your video, one way to test your video’s performance, but an easy method to try is a simple A/B test—in other words, two difference on a video that you’ll test against each other.